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A Roddus Music Sampler Volume 01

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 05:00 PM PST

Hi Folks, Roddus here, Chuntao has kindly granted me some space on this fantastic blog to post some music samplers from my collection of music. This will be the first in an occasional series of samplers for your listening pleasure, to stick on your ipods or CD-ROMs and check out hopefully some sounds you may not have heard before or to just explore different types of music. This First sampler

Cat Mother - Albion Doo-Wah 1970

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 11:01 AM PST

Here is the second offering of "Cat Mother" formerly "Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys". "Albion Doo-Wah" immerses itself in a more gentle jazzy flavor and again this one features on Carlos' wishlist. Grab this here FIRST folks.01. Riff Raff (5:28)02. Turkish Taffy (2:58)03. Boonville Massacre (4:11)04. I Must Be Dreaming (4:17)05. Last Go Round (3:20)06. Strike A Match And Light Another (2:49

Snob's Music

Snob's Music

Heartless Bastards: "Searching for the Ghost" solo acoustic MP3

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 09:02 AM PST

White Rabbits: "It's Frightening" album details

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 07:51 AM PST

Bang Camaro: "Bang Camaro II" album review

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 07:39 AM PST

Whatever Happened To: The Boo Radleys?

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 10:35 PM PST

Top Hits Musik Entertainment

Top Hits Musik Entertainment

Anang & Krisdayanti - Dilanda Cinta [Full Album 2009]

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 09:12 PM PST

Anang and KD 'free' from 'hold (Cengkraman)'.
Couples musicians' Anang Hermansyah 'and' Velasquez ', such as feeling detached from the 'grip (Cengkraman)', so the contract with a major label has ended. Instinctive freedom of work and they go back, one of them realized through single duet 'Dilanda Cinta', which is now in the middle of the process execution version of its video clips.

"This is a good day, so I just Yanti independent artist, this is the first independent recording," said Anang in Adhara Gallery, West Kemang, South Jakarta, Monday (20/10).

According to Anang, his wife, originally under the auspices of a famous label, and since mid of this year, has completed its work. But along with the creativity and they are also tested, to keep working.

"This is a form of development is good, because here in my free work, determine their own songs, all designed their own, it seneng once," said the man origin Jember, East Java who claim to have spent two years not the duet album.

"The song in my life that way, only the title, Dilanda Cinta," added Krisdayanti.

Track List:
01 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Dilanda Cinta'.
02 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Jangan Tak Setia'.
03 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Cinta Bukan Kenangan'.
04 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Makin Aku Cinta'.
05 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Demi Cinta'.
06 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Cinta'.
07 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Biar Cinta'.
08 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Miliki Diriku'.
09 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Dihati'.
10 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Ujung Umur'.
11 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Berartinya Dirimu'.
12 Anang & Krisdayanti Title Hits Song 'Selalu Jatuh Cinta'.
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Superman Is Dead - Angels And The Outsider [Full Album 2009]

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 08:16 PM PST

Angels and The Outsiders: Release Date February 16
We got good news for the outsiders, Superman Is Dead new album 'Angels and The Outsiders' will be out February 16th 2009 all over Indonesia. Finally!

Track List:
01. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Kuat kita Bersinar'.
02. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Jika Kami Bersama'.
03. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'We Are The Outsiders'.
04. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Poppies Dog Anthem'.
05. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Saint Of My Life'.
06. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Nights Of The Lonely'.
07. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Menuju Temaram'.
08. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Punkrock Lawrider'.
09. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Luka Indonesia'.
10. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Close To Fly Away'.
11. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'The Days Of A Father'.
12. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Pulang'.
13. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Memories Of Rose'.
14. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'U.T.W'.
15. Superman Is Dead Title Hits Song 'Twice In Paradise'.
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Slank - Generasi Biru [Full Album 2009]

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 07:35 PM PST

Slank Not Acting in the 'Generasi Biru'.
When the film syuting 'Generasi Biru' of Garin Nugroho, the band with a million fans, Slank not have trouble means. In fact, according to Bimbim, itself does not remove the ability his acting slightest.

"Not much we play it. So freely explore what we do acting," said Bimbim at a press conference in the 'Generasi Biru' in FX Plaza, Jl. Jend Sudirman, South Jakarta, (11/2/2009).

Only Kaka is a constraint, it is difficult to wake up when sleep should syuting morning. "His calling too early", said the vocalist.

However, to realize the goal to use film, the band that already exist since 1983 that have to be willing to wait for 25 years. Until now, the personnel shall not be Slank imagine what happens as the film is also actress star Nadine Chandrawinata it.

"No show happens this movie is like. Slank actually have the intention of ever since a long time, 25 years ago", said a word.

Slank is deliberately to give the title 'Generasi Biru' film in their prime. Bimbim reveal that the blue band is the philosophy of the album owners 'Anthem For The Broken hearted it'.

"Biru is the philosophy of Slank. Slank want successor generation blue like blue sky, wide and deep oceans", said Bimbim.

Track List:
01 Slank Title Hits Song 'Slank Dance'.
02 Slank Title Hits Song 'Monogami'.
03 Slank Title Hits Song 'Generasi Biroe'.
04 Slank Title Hits Song 'Bang Bang Tut'.
05 Slank Title Hits Song 'Gossip Jalanan'.
06 Slank Title Hits Song 'Terbunuh Sepi'.
07 Slank Title Hits Song 'Pulau Biru'.
08 Slank Title Hits Song 'Loe Harus Grak'.
09 Slank Title Hits Song 'Missing Person'.
10 Slank Title Hits Song 'Utopia'.
11 Slank Title Hits Song 'Bendera ½ Tiang'.
12 Slank Title Hits Song 'Indonesiakan Una'. (Live)
13 Slank Title Hits Song 'Mars Slankers'. (Live)
14 Slank Title Hits Song 'Cekal'. (Remake '09)
15 Slank Title Hits Song 'Koepoe Liarkoe'.
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T2 - Malu Malu Dong [Full Album 2009]

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 07:01 PM PST

Malu-Malu Dong, Album Kedua T2.
One almost two years of successful albums of "OK", the second album 'duet' T2 was born. With the feature "Malu-Malu Dong", Tika and Tiwi back music will enliven the ground water.

Unlike the first album that shows the effect of coquettish, the latest album graduates Akademi Fantasi Indosiar (AFI) 2005 This will reflect the identity that they have the more mature, while music will be present with the concept of a more band.

T2 is the creator of some of the songs were hits such as Noe "Letto", Pia "Utopia", Ari "Bias" and Charlie "ST12". ST12 vocalist who is known to create songs lightweight champion, but remember that contribute in the head song entitled "Only Ceraikanlah" which became one of the track champion in this album.

In addition to "Ceraikanlah Saja", a song titled the same as the album, "Malu-Malu Dong" is also selected as a champion and T2, of course, "Jangan Lebai" which has been in demand 'Wara - wiri' on the radio and television.

Will the album both T2 does not exceed or rival the success of their debut album reach Platinum Award? We wait together.

Track List:
01 T2 Title Hits Song 'Jangan Lebai'.
02 T2 Title Hits Song 'Malu Malu Dong'.
03 T2 Title Hits Song 'Ceraikanlah Saja'.
04 T2 Title Hits Song 'Tau Sama Tau'.
05 T2 Title Hits Song 'Indah'.
06 T2 Title Hits Song 'Pujangga Berpuisi Dusta'.
07 T2 Title Hits Song 'Cukup 3 Kali'.
08 T2 Title Hits Song 'Semuanya Dusta'.
09 T2 Title Hits Song 'Tak Sanggup'.
10 T2 Title Hits Song 'Terpesona'.
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You Crazy Dreamers

You Crazy Dreamers

Sorting A Blogger Inbox - A Guide.

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 02:59 PM CST

So I thought I might take a moment to peruse our inbox for musical suggestions, gifts, lottery notifications and offers to help a former doctor in Rwanda.  Always a bit of a mish-mash in a blogger inbox!

There is an art to sorting a Blogger inbox, as you do get great musical suggestions, hear from good people, and readers/artists even send kind words of appreciation.  You are a guru, you blogger you!  Then you get PR emails, they are a good source of information, but always seem a bit cold.  Lastly, you get “artists” who are trying hard to get heard and you want to help out but you simply don’t like their music.  That last one is always hard, as I think I have good taste, I also think I am a nice guy, so how do you react?

Well, there are more difficult things in life than handling an email inbox, but I thought I would list a few items that I think are common sense items, but need to be said about sending an email to a blogger.  Please read below, call me an idiot, call me obvious, simply read and move on…just sayin.

  1. Only send email to blogs that you would want to see your music on: Why would you send a indie-folk blog your latest dance remix?  Think about it.
  2. Know thy blog/blogger: This is similar to the above, but generic emails get much less attention.
    2a. Really know thy blog/blogger: Remember, some of us (myself included) blog on more than one music blog.  What I am saying is don’t send your EXACT same email with only the “Name of Blog” changed.  It is embarrassing for you and is not going to get you a post when you “…have been reading your blog for soo long and I have always wanted to be considered for “your” blog as you are my favourite blog…”
  3. Attach media: I give more attention to artists who send a sample track and offer an album download for review.  Yeah, I want your MySpace page address along with news, but include media and get online.  On this topic, you must allow something to be downloaded…this is what readers want.
  4. Be modest: Everyone can have talent, so be proud of what you have created, but everyone might not like it.  Be honest about it and be humble in the hope that the blogger might like it as well.  Don’t tell us we like it before we have even heard it.
  5. One Follow email up is great, 10 is annoying: This one is just common sense….isn’t it??

Okay, so now we are on the same page and I apologize if anything seemed harsh, it is not meant to be.  I always love getting music in my inbox - so keep on sending it to us!  Now that I have said that, I have included a couple of recent artists who made the right decisions in their emails and hence, they are now on the blog.

~Firstly, I have Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles who are releasing a track each month (on the 15th to be exact) and offering a free download of it (and accepting donations for higher quality files, etc).  Eventually it will be an aptly named album called “A Year of Song”.  Great idea, great music.  Visit Murdoch and crew on their website.

~Secondly, Trunks & Tales is a “Southern Alabama” group that just happens to be physically located in Pennsylvania.  They draw an almost fringe folk via hillbilly rock - an Alt Country Mountain Goats if you will.  Sound interesting, listen below and visit them on MySpace and for a load of more free music.


This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now



Schoolly D's Out Cold

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 02:30 PM PST

For your pleasure, it's The ultimate Schoolly D mix. Nearly 2 hours of illy from Philly. A chronological exploration of the Evolution of Schoolly D.

Where is Schoolly School now?

Schoolly D is working for Ted Turner, rocking the M.I.C., and giving voice assistance to those ever-twisted Aqua Teens. He also provides Adult Swim with the theme song for one of it's most dada and surrealistic shows.

Schooly D is an amazing snowboarding ninja, knowingly laughing behind his megaPhonic Hater Blockers, lurking amongst the background fabric of Abel Ferarra's Masterpiece 'King of New York' and booming out the speakers of some DustHead's boombox in South Philly as we speak.

It's high time to step up and show respect to the Parkside Killer.


1 Introduction (Chitlin Circuit) (0:41)
2 Housing The Joint (3:05)
3 We Get Ill (2:17)
4 Parkside 5-2 (2:51)
5 Saturday Night (4:22)
6 Gucci Time (2:59)
7 Mr. Big Dick (4:26)
8 Here We Go Again (2:44)
9 Smoke Some Kill (3:27)
10 Another Poem (4:15)
11 Same White Bitch (Got You Strung Out On Cane) (4:09)
12 Treacherous (4:02)
13 Black Man (2:47)
14 Fat Gold Chain (1:46)
15 Black (0:20)
16 Gangster Boogie (3:56)
17 It's Like Dope (3:54)
18 D Is For (3:23)
19 Black Attack (1:03)
20 Who's Schoolin' Who? (3:20)
21 Mama Feelgood (3:24)
22 Education Of A Black Man (1:59)
23 Black Jesus (3:51)
24 Super Nigger (1:55)
25 Am I Black Enough For You? (4:29)
26 Don't Call Me Nigger (3:16)
27 Run (3:49)
28 King Of New York (4:34)
29 Die Nigger Die (3:57)
30 How A Black Man Feels (3:50)
31 Peace To The Nation (4:27)
32 Welcome To America (4:02)
33 Gangster Tripping (4:16)
34 I Wanna Get Dusted (4:13)

Check out our homie Eyes and Teeth from Beats and Blood who's responsible for this gem.

14 Fathoms Deep (Seattle 1996)

Posted: 21 Feb 2009 07:00 AM PST

Fourteen Fathoms Deep is a semi-obscure compilation from The Emerald City. The vibe on this cd is mostly rugged and moody which is appropriate for a place that gets about 50 inches of rain a year. If you need some heady tunes for zoning out during the winter months, this is the ticket. Seattle's Scene is a bit different from its neighbors. The gritty nature of this collection is worlds away from much of the keyboard funk the west coast is known for. Shift gears and take a ride, northwest style.

01 (03:03) sinsemilla - drastic measures
02 (03:29) 22nd precinct - great outdoors
03 (04:36) mad fanatic ft ragchyld - official members
04 (04:44) dms - keep da change
05 (04:14) source of labor - cornbread
06 (04:42) ghetto children - court's in session
07 (06:28) narcotik ft infinite - all up in my mix
08 (03:37) jace ft dionna - ghetto star
09 (03:50) kylin - can
10 (04:27) prose & concepts - higher places
11 (04:20) ns (of the o.n.e. corporation) - insomniak museick
12 (02:52) blind council - interrogation
13 (03:56) union of opposites ft shonuph - continuations
14 (08:54) the crew clockwise - a new day

Some of these artists were also featured on other Seattle compilations in the mid 90's. A few of them are 'Untranslated Prescriptions - A Tribal Compilation' (1995), 'Do The Math' (1996) and 'Word Sound Power' (1997). This one was released by 'Loose Groove' Records in 1996. Let me know if you want more northwest flavor, I'll be glad to oblige!