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NXNE Day 3: Holly Throsby, The Coathangers, The Ghost Is Dancing, Hannah Georgas

Posted: 20 Jun 2009 02:35 PM PDT

keygrip release "If I Could (You Know I Would)" video

Posted: 20 Jun 2009 12:42 PM PDT

Wax Mannequin: "Somethin' To Hide" MP3

Posted: 20 Jun 2009 07:03 AM PDT

Whatever happened to: The Doughboys?

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 10:15 PM PDT




Posted: 20 Jun 2009 05:42 AM PDT
Here's Chick Corea & John Mclaughlin's "Five Peace Band Live 2009" album. Check it out after the jump... (back)


01 - Raju - 12:32
02 - The Disguise - 13:34
03 - New Blues, Old Bruise - 14:08
04 - Hymn To Andromeda - 27:45

01 - Dr. Jackle - 22:56
02 - Senior C.S. - 20:17
03 - In A Silent Way It's About That Time - 20:09
04 - Someday My Prince Will Come - 07:43

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:: CD2 ::
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Posted: 20 Jun 2009 05:24 AM PDT
Here's Eminem's Recovery 2009 album. Check it out after the jump... (back)
01. Intro
02. Gone Again
03.Mix'em Up Ft. 4Biggie, Big L, & 2Pac
04. Whatever
05. Just Dont
06. Lets Get It On Ft. Big Proof
07.Beef Ft. Mos Def, Big Proof, & Nas
08. King Hustle Ft. 50 Cent
09.Waiting Ft. 50 Cent
10. What You Gonna Do Ft. Dr. Dre & Obie Trice
11. Gone Again Pt. 2 Ft. Jay-Z
12. Fiya Ft Nate Dog, 50 Cent, Young Buck & Nichole
13. Love Ft Obie Trice & 50 Cent
14. Outro 15. Bonus Track


Posted: 20 Jun 2009 04:58 AM PDT
Here's Rihanna's brand new song titled "Te Amo". The track was written by James Fauntleroy. Check it out after the jump... (back)

popwreckoning updates

popwreckoning updates

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Bonnaroo Update Day 3: Saturday, June 13

Posted: 20 Jun 2009 02:11 PM PDT

Day 3 of Bonnaroo promised to be huge. Unfortunately, after going to bed after 4 am and waking up to the ridiculously humid weather in Tennessee, the only thing I could foresee being huge was my headache. I honestly don’t know how some of those people can show up to this fest and hardly eat or sleep, while drinking and doing drugs and still function enough to make it from band to band. Is there some secret Bonnaroo trick that I was missing as a first timer?

After downing a few Advils and using a water bottle to semi clean up, we made our way back to the main grounds for Day 3. Though it was early in the morning, already ILO and the Coral Reefer AllStars were getting a lot of buzz. And rightly so, turns out this basically was a set of Jimmy Buffett and friends singing his songs. It was weird to see a usual headliner start things off.


So as Buffett was making his way down Margaritaville, Joshua and I made our own visit to Dearland and caught Elvis Perkins in Dearland. I had seen these guys before and they were just as bombastic, if not more. Constantly switching between instruments and tempos, the guys give folk tunes an edge. Just as before, the drummer really impressed when he came out from behind the set with his one man band get up. There was just one sad moment in this set when Perkins tried to get Becky Stark, who was at Bonnaroo on Saturday to perform with the Decemberists, to join him on stage for a song she had performed with them on the record. It must have been too early for Stark because the boys had to play on without her.


Like a ping pong ball, we bounced back to the Which Stage to catch a bit of Heartless Bastards. With a name like that, I was expecting something completely different and was pleasantly surprised by the front woman’s voice rock voice with a bit of a twang.


was next on the agenda and this group was apparently high on the list for many as Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were spotted in attendance. It was a good set to watch and for “Yo La Tengo” the boys in Elvis Perkins in Dearland even came back out to join in the number.

bon iver

bon iver (33)

Saturday was a busy day, so Joshua and I had to split up for a bit to catch all the acts that we wanted to see. Having a love for redheads, he went over to That Tent to see indie darling who rocked her solo works and was even joined by Elvis Costello for a number.


Meanwhile, I stuck around This Tent for Of Montreal, which I think was the smart move. Their theatrical performance was one set that was not worth missing and whether you like their often high-pitched sound or not, I recommend seeing them at least once in your lifetime. In fact, this performance was so big, I gave it its own post.

of montreal (49)

We couldn’t miss the legendary Wilco, so Josh and I regrouped to walk over to the What Stage for some action. As we were walking there, I had to stop to see the band that was rocking the Troo Music Lounge. Alas, , we will meet again. With the recent death of a Wilco player, and knowing that Tweedy has a tendency to be a bit more of a curmudgeon than most, I was surprised with how genuinely excited the band seemed to be at playing Bonnaroo. They delivered all the hits and left the crowd pleased, but as usual, there were so many cool things going on at Bonnaroo, it wasn’t long before we were off to see our next bands.

wilco 2


Partly because I knew my mom would kick me if she knew I skipped him, I went to That Tent to see some of Elvis Costello. I guess in this case, mother knew best, because Costello is a classic for a reason. He had me charmed the moment he waved his hat as he walked on stage.

elvis costello

elvis costello (22)

From here I went over to the Decemberists, who were acting out their tale of the Hazards of Love. Not too different than when I saw them a few weeks ago, Shara Worden, really was the brightest of all the gems in that band. Although, I must admit, that Stark wasn’t as wispy and a lot more confident this time around. They ended with a cover of a Heart song.

decemberists (22)

decemberists (50)

decemberists (39)

Meanwhile, Josh was watching the rock storm that was Mars Volta. They were delivering old hits and new songs off their soon to be released album.




Nobody was up against the Boss, so Josh and I regrouped for . Bruce was there to please and which was noticed by the crowd who was yelling “Bruuuce” not “Boooo”, which sound surprisingly similar when chanted by thousands. I preferred the people shouting “Bruceroo” instead. Not only did he bring out all the hits, but he even played requests from the crowd. That’s right, as a response to a crowd request, he even played “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in the middle of June. If anybody can get away with that, it is the Boss.

Josh and I split again and he went to shoot NIN’s final show on American soil. A weird mixture of sadness and great joy filled the crowd as they said goodbye to amid a mix of smoke and stage fire.



I left early to see some of Yeasayer. I walked by a weird circus sort of performance on the Sonic Stage before witnessing the beauty that was Yeasayer’s set up.

circus (5)

Yeasayer played amidst a stage filled with glowing orbs of different sizes. Their indie yelps and synth heavy tunes resonated nicely off the orbs.

yeasayer (17)

yeasayer (64)

yeasayer (21)

Ending out the night was MGMT. This finally explained Drew Barrymore’s strange face paint from earlier as I soon learned that it was actually quite common for MGMT fans to don facepaint for the group a la the “Time to Pretend” music video.

The band played songs from their album, about three new songs and were even joined by Chairlift’s for a few numbers. That Tent was glow stick central as the crowd danced away to the band’s too cool for school rock tunes. If you couldn’t see, which was the main complaint from this packed tent, I wouldn’t worry. The guys weren’t that crazy on stage and mostly just delivered a tight sound.

mgmt (3)

mgmt (4)

mgmt (44)

mgmt (19)

Another late night, but overall a fun day. Just one more recap to go and loads more pictures. Look out for Day 4…

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