Saturday, October 10, 2009

Music in the Blood

Music in the Blood


Posted: 10 Oct 2009 09:07 AM PDT

1. Actually I don't remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs. 2. Blake said that the body was the soul's prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open....

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Snob's Music

Snob's Music

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Dead Man's Bones: "Dead Hearts" (video)

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 10:11 AM PDT

Hockey: "Mind Chaos" (album review)

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 07:03 AM PDT

Introducing: AfterpartY

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 05:53 AM PDT

Quick Hits: F&M (video), Mike Doughty

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 10:42 PM PDT

popwreckoning updates

popwreckoning updates

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The Gossip Ticket Giveaway: 10/15 Detroit Majestic Theater

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 03:56 PM PDT

Are you from Detroit or surrounding area and love ?  I have two tickets to giveaway for the gossip-press-blog show.

Winning them is simple: All you have to do is join the website’s facebook group, then email me that you’ve done so at

15 person to do so wins the tickets.

You can find the group right here.

What are you waiting for. Seriously, go!

We’ll also being doing this in a number of cities, so please look for future updates! Thanks guys.

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Mason Jennings Tour Announcement

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 09:00 AM PDT

The acoustic singer-songwriter Mason Jennings has announced fall tour dates in support of his latest album, Blood of Man. Blood of Man is being heralded as his best album to date. mjennings

His new video for “Ain’t No Friend of Mine” can be viewed here.

Tour dates:
Oct. 9 – Music Hall of Williamsburg / New York, NY
Oct. 10 – Maxwell's / Hoboken, NJ
Oct. 11 – Revolution Hall / Troy, NY
Oct. 13 – Mr. Small's Theater / Pittsburg, PA
Oct. 15 – Somerville Theatre / Boston, MA
Oct. 16 – Port City Music Hall / Portland, ME
Oct. 17 – Pearl Street / Northhampton, MA
Oct. 18 – Theatre of Living Arts / Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 22 – Higher Ground / South Burlington, VA
Oct. 23 – Mod Club Theatre / Toronto, Canada
Oct. 24 – Magic Bag / Detroit, MI
Oct. 26 – Bluebird Nightclub / Bloomington, IN
Oct. 27 – High Dive / Champaign, IL
Oct. 28 – 20th Century Theatre / Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 29 – The Pageant / St. Louis, MO
Oct. 30 – House of Blues Chicago /Chicago, IL
Nov. 12 – Fox Theatre / Boulder, CO
Nov. 13 – Bluebird Theatre / Denver, CO
Nov. 14 – In The Venue / Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 17 – The Bottleneck / Lawrence, KS
Nov. 18 – The Blue Note / Columbia, MO
Nov. 19 – People's Court / Des Moines, IA
Nov. 20 – Turner Hall / Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 21 – Majestic Theater / Madison, WI
Nov. 22 – First Avenue / Minneapolis, MN 

Mason Jennings: website | myspace

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Shaky Hands & Panther @ Berbati’s Pan, Portland OR

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 08:00 AM PDT

Last week I was lucky enough to catch a double release show at Berbati’s Pan by two of Portland’s better bands. If they weren’t both on Kill Rock Stars, ’s funky dance punk and the Shaky Hands roots rock might seem like an odd pairing. But genre difference aside, they both deliver high energy performances. The only disappointment that night was that ’s set was way too short. They have tons of material. The crowd was into it. I guess I’ll just need to come back sometime when they headline. shaky-hands-2

It’s no longer surprising that two member bands can be exciting and dynamic, but most of those bands stick to stripped down or fuzzed-out rock, folk, and blues. Sure, they are exciting, but how many of them make you dance? With just a drummer, a guitarist, and a pre-programed bass/keyboard, delivered a flailing and inventive set. At times, Charles Salas-Humara’s vocals and guitar are almost percussive, making the songs very beat oriented. I love the jerky rhythms of “Live Is Sold” and “Latitudes for Centuries,” but really just about every song they played that night was catchy, wild and fun. Fans of the Dirty Projectors should definitely check them out.

The Shaky Hands’ Let It Die is full of meaty rockers, continuing the progression from indie folk towards classic rock started on Lunglight. While Nicholas Delffs‘ strained nasal voice gives the songs urgency, the guitars propel them forward with a mix of comfortable strums and powerful riffs. This music is meant to be played and heard live, although the songs sound pretty good on the album too. I like how on “Slip Away” the beat stutters while the vocals swagger until finally the guitar is let loose. “Allison And The Ancient Eyes” rolls along, riding cymbals and hand-claps, while Delffs spills regrets. The night ended with coming back on to join the Shaky Hands for their second encore and a chaotic guitar and vocal freakout.

The Shaky Hands: website | myspace | @ the slowdown
: website | myspace

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Tigercity – Ancient Lover

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 07:00 AM PDT

Tigercity’s Ancient Lover runs just under 40 minutes, but it provides enough hot beats and indie-rock melodies to keep any listener moving through the entire album. The Brooklyn band has made an album that allows one’s ears to go back to when bass lines were fresh, and voices rang high. tigercitycover_new

The mixture of ’s smooth falsetto vocals, the pulsating beats of Joel Ford’s bass and ’s drums, and the echoed wail of Andrew Brady’s guitar, creates some awesome funk-a-licious rock.

Lover’s first track and recent single, “Fake Gold,” is filled with dark grooves, and lyrics that state:

I’ve got no money, no credit, no peace of mind.

In the chorus, Gillim states:

Baby I just want you to know that I’m wearing fake gold.

The next track, “Mallory,” plays like a song that should be blasting from a vintage car that’s zooming through a city at early dusk. The guitar riffs and crystal clear bell tones through “Mallory” make it quiet memorable.

The sweet dance jams on Lover are “James Iha,” “Red Lips,” and “My Type.”

“Iha’s” funky, slow beat and steady drum rocks the verses, while an avalanche of percussion extras and bright chords ring through the song’s chorus.

“My Type,” incorporates vintage synths that inspire thoughts of stories of first-time meetings that turn into epic hook ups, while “Red Lips” is driven by smooth bass and drums, and tells the story of the relationship cycle:

We both know that I’ll have time, to break your heart

One more time, again

The album also contains a few indie-rock tunes, such as “Fall Of Graz,” “Quicksand,” and “A Better Place.”

The slower paced tracks, such as “Ancient Lover” and “Watching The Mountain” are filled with chill melodies that melt into each other and lightly dance over galloping beats. The slowest song on the album, “Matter Of Time,” sounds like a doo-wop balled with watery dance beats.

Ancient Lover is a fun album that’s worthy of spinning during your next party, and long after the party has ended (hint, hint).

01. Fake Gold
02. Mallory
03. Ancient Lover
04. Fall Of Graz
05. James Iha
06. Quicksand
07. My Type
08. Red Lips
09. Watching The Mountain
10. A Better Place
11. Matter Of Time

Tigercity: myspace

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Cyclic Defrost Magazine

Cyclic Defrost Magazine

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Aphorism – Surge (Tympanik Audio)

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 02:45 AM PDT


Chicago-based electronic producer Josh Pyle has been making music under the Aphorism moniker for around a decade, and this debut album ‘Surge’ follows on the heels of numerous netlabel compilation appearances and a track on last year’s ‘Emerging Organisms’ compilation from Tympanik Audio. While the furiously contorted breakbeats of opening track ‘Ulkine’ at first might suggest a breakcore-oriented listening experience ahead, it soon shifts down into the lush, ominous and cinematic IDM synth pads that colour much of this collection – one that’s certainly in good company with Typanik’s established dark IDM aesthetic. The foreboding ‘What We See Now’ and ‘Covert / Convert’ certainly maintain this trajectory effectively, merging tight webs of complex, DSP-tweaked rhythmic programming with icy, minimalist keys and majestic swathes of synth chords, but in this case it’s Pyle’s firm grasp of the bigger sonic ‘picture’ here that impresses most. Rather than getting lost in minute sonic detail (though there’s certainly plenty of that on offer here), it’s the strong emotional undertow that’s most apparent throughout the twelve tracks, and while the Martin Luther King-sampling ‘Two Sides Of The Bullet’ might have seemed clumsy in other hands, here it’s surprisingly chilling and effective. As is Tympanik’s established penchant by now, they’ve pretty much filled the disc to the brim with three additional remixes from labelmates Totakeke, Access To Arasaka and Tapage, all of which offer consistently interesting new takes on the original tracks. Personally, I found this to be easily one of Tympanik’s strongest releases of late – fans of moody, industrial-edged IDM should definitely investigate ‘Surge.’

Chris Downton

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