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Brit Music Scene

The X Factor 2009 Final 12 – First Impressions

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 07:47 PM PDT

The X Factor is here again, with the 2009 season having reached the live finals stage. Having avoided watching the show throughout the audition stages, I duly sat down on Saturday to watch the first live show with very little knowledge of the contestants and no preconceived bias towards any of them.


Here are my initial thoughts on each of the 12 contestants who made it through to the live finals. We now know that Kandy Rain were the first to be voted out of the competition after they found themselves in the bottom two alongside Rachel Adedeji. But these comments were written as each act performed live for the first time.

Rachel Adedeji

An explosive start to the show. A striking looking lady, reminding me of a cross between Rihanna and Grace Jones. She started poorly before finding her confidence and letting rip. A little too over-reliant on the backing singers.

Kandy Rain

They looked great, and sung OK. They dress provocatively but so what? Doesn’t every female singer these days? The black girls were the talents, with the other two backing them up. Girls will no doubt hate them.

Olly Murs

He looked uncomfortable on stage, and the pressure was clearly showing. Understated can be good but it can also mean boring. The vocals were good but he might not be able to move well. Girls will love him.

Rikki Loney

A bad song choice made worse by poor vocals. Looked like he’d been dressed by a blind person. Again, a too-understated performance left me bored and with no real lasting memory of how he had done or is likely to do in the future.

Stacey Solomon

I’ve since found out everyone loves this girls, but I cannot understand why. She has a weak voice, she’s a boring performer, and instantly forgettable. Stood still throughout and gave nothing. Not what I’d call star material.

Miss Frank

Three solo singers thrown together. And it shows. They are all strong individually but whether they will gel or not is unclear. Strong vocals and definitely in with a chance of winning the show. Reminded me of a female version of JLS.

Jamie Archer

Or Afro Boy as he will now be known. Great vocals which managed to outdo the hair, which is some feat. Something different from the rest, and the most rock-friendly of this year’s contestants.

Lloyd Daniels

Too young for a show of this size and stature. The song was too big for him and he didn’t manage to pull it off. Annoying in the same way Eoghan Quigg was last season. Will have his fans but I’m not one of them.

Lucie Jones

A quiet performance that didn’t blow me away. Not very memorable but solid enough to see her through the early weeks. Good vocals but a definite lack of emotion in the mix.

John and Edward

They look pathetic with their stupid hair and it gets even worse when they open their mouths. They can’t sing and when they speak they come across as arrogant. Reminiscent of Same Difference and surely only in the contest because they are young Irish boys. And in Louis Walsh’s group. Enough said.

Joe McElderry

Has a good voice but trying too hard to impress. Stop looking at the camera at every opportunity and lose the fake smile. If he can match his singing style with the song then will do well.

Danyl Johnson

Started quietly but ended up owning the stage and the show. No coincidence he was chosen to close the show. Will be in for the long haul if he manages to outdo this first week’s performance.

What do you think of the final 12 in The X Factor 2009? Whether you agree or disagree with my views on each act let me know in the comments.

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Dionne Bromfield Performs On Strictly Come Dancing (Video) – Amy Winehouse Provides Backing Vocals

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 11:45 AM PDT

If you haven’t yet heard of Dionne Bromfield then you’ll likely be impressed by her performance in this video. It comes from Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 and shows Bromfield singing Mama Said. And who’s that providing backing vocals? Why, it’s none other Amy Winehouse, who just happens to be Bromfield’s godmother.

Mama Said may be a cover (of a hit by The Shirelles) but that doesn’t make this any less impressive. Bromfield is only 13-years-old yet she sings like an accomplished adult and seems to show no nerves performing on national television. Sure, she may only have got the chance to sing on the show and have a record deal in the first place because Winehouse has groomed her to success, but there’s no doubting she’s very talented.

Unfortunately, Winehouse didn’t seem to cope as well. She provides some ropey backing vocals and struggles to keep up with the other backing singers throughout the performance. Anyone would think she’d missed rehearsals to go and get a boob job or something. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened.

Bromfield is the first signing to Winehouse’ record label, Lioness Records and her debut album, Introducing Dionne Bromfield, was released today (Oct. 12). Mama Said, the first single off the album, will be released on Nov. 2.

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