Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brit Music Scene

Brit Music Scene

U2 Gig Streaming Live On YouTube

Posted: 20 Oct 2009 06:03 PM PDT

U2 are apparently a joy to behold live. I wouldn’t know, and likely never will, because I’m not a big fan of the generic Irish rockers. But millions are, and the one that can’t make it to a live show will now get the opportunity to see their heroes in concert. Thanks to YouTube.


U2 are due to play a sold-out gig at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California this Sunday. 90,000 plus will be in attendance but everyone else, at least those who reside in the 16 countries covered, will be able to watch the event live on YouTube. And all for free.

If you want in on this, just head over to at 8pm local time on Sunday evening (Oct. 25). We have to hope that YouTube’s technology stands up to the demand sure to be placed on it for this event, with millions expected to tune in. Me, I have better things to do with my time.

[Photo Source: Newscom]

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Mitch Winehouse: Amy Drug-Free For A Year – Really?

Posted: 20 Oct 2009 12:51 PM PDT

Amy Winehouse is now as well-known for her addiction to drugs as she is for her soulful music. Yes according to her father Mitch Winehouse, she has now been drug-free for a year. Pardon me for being a little skeptical but really? Honestly? She doesn’t look like she’s been clean for 12 months, but then that’s just my humble opinion based on her appearance and actions.


Mitch is a very loyal father and is always the first to come out in support of his daughter. If he gets press coverage and becomes a bit of a media star out of it then I’m sure he sees it as a bonus. But I’m fairly sure it isn’t his first consideration. Probably.

According to BBC News, Mitch spoke to the Home Affairs committee in a debate about the cocaine trade when he referred to Amy’s addiction. Or apparent lack of it now. He criticized the current healthcare system and admitted his family were lucky in being able to afford the best doctors and treatment.

Maybe Winehouse (Amy, not Mitch) is clean and completely off drugs. But she doesn’t seem to have stopped drinking and also hasn’t gained any of the weight she dropped when she started using a few years ago. I’m just saying!

[Photo Source: Newscom]

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