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Brit Music Scene

Brit Music Scene

Robbie Williams Plays Electric Proms – Salutes Take That

Posted: 21 Oct 2009 11:27 AM PDT

Robbie Williams is most definitely back, both on the British music scene, and to himself. After appearing on The X Factor a couple of weeks ago, a performance which was his first in the U.K. for a number of years, he’s now performed a full set as part of the BBC Electric Proms.


Living in L.A. full-time has changed Williams but when he gets back on the stage he returns to the Robbie of old, swaggering and showboating his way through a set – a set which now sees Let Me Entertain You and Rock DJ dropped in favor of songs from his forthcoming new album, Reality Killed The Video Star.

Williams took the opportunity to salute Take That during his set, most notably with No Regrets. He described the classic as “a song about the band I used to be in” before revealing, “I’ve got a new best mate and his name’s Gary Barlow.” The last line of the song is now, “I guess the love we have is officially alive,” as opposed to “dead.”

According to NME, Robbie’s setlist was:

‘Morning Sun’
‘Come Undone’
‘I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen’
‘No Regrets’
‘Won’t Do That’
‘You Know Me’
‘Video Killed The Radio Star’

Although I’m still not overly impressed with Bodies, the new album does seem to have more going for it than his last, Rudebox, which, quite frankly, sucked.

A return to form would come at a time when rumors abound of a reunion between Williams and Take That being imminent, although it will probably be another couple of years in the offing.

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