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Brit Music Scene

Brit Music Scene

Noel Gallagher Planning Solo Career, Forgets Oasis

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Now that Oasis are definitely over, it seems as though Noel Gallagher – whose decision to walk out on the band minutes before they were due on stage killed the group off – has definitely moved on. In fact, he’s already planning his solo career.

Noel Gallagher of 'Oasis'

Oasis effectively ended the moment Noel and Liam had a massive row and broke each other’s guitars. And Liam confirmed that Oasis no longer existed earlier this month. He also suggested this wasn’t the end for him musically.

Now Noel has said the same thing, which means a chart battle between the Gallagher brothers is not far away.

Noel was spotted out on the town for the first time since Oasis split, appearing at the reopening of Chinawhite. While there, he was asked by The Mirror how things were going for him. His response was both eloquent and promising:

"I'm having a good time, and the support from my fans has been great. I'm looking forward to doing my own thing, bringing out my own music. I'm glad that's what people want to hear. I am not thinking about much else, Oasis or Liam, I'm just having a good time."

So it looks as though Noel has coped with the ending of the band he’d been in for almost two decades at the time of their separation very well. And I’m guessing unlike his brother Liam he hasn’t devoted any time to worrying about the plight of bees.

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