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The X Factor 2009 – Week 3 – Miss Frank Go Home

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 08:03 AM PDT

The X Factor 2009 has finally reached the business end, with the final 12 singing live every week until one is declared the winner. Week 3 saw Westlife and Michael Bublé sing live. Westlife did OK after being away for a year, and Bublé was fine if you like that sort of thing. Which I don’t.


This week was Big Band week, although some of the contestants (and their mentors pushed the category a little). The bottom two were a huge surprise, with Danyl Johnson and Miss Frank landing there despite acts being much worse than them. Miss Frank ended up leaving after a dead heat. And that was the correct decision in the end.

Olly Murs

Cheesy as hell, as he has been throughout the show so far. The big band style suited him down to the ground so would have really had to mess up to have gone out this week. OK, but not great.

Lloyd Daniels

Badly out of tune and looked uncomfortable on stage. It was as though the stage was ready to swallow him up. Couldn’t adapt to the style and tried to make up for it with a backflip. And failed.

Miss Frank

Out of tune, as they have been throughout the show. Sounded like three cats on the fence outside their owners’ house. They can’t sing and the rap was fine but not exactly suited to the song or big band style.

Rachel Adedeji

Looked better and sounded better than last week. Not great but she does at last seem to be warming up a little. Not being in the bottom two was a big victory for her – likely the only victory she’ll experience.

Jamie Archer

Always spot-on and this week was no exception. A U2 song isn’t really big band, as Louis rightly pointed out. Nothing spectacular but a solid performance that surely ensures him a place until the closing weeks.

Stacey Solomon

Sang very well, possibly enough to make me warm to her. Her best performance so far. Still annoying once she opens her mouth but there’s no doubting she can sing.

Danyl Johnson

As good as ever. Hard to criticize except for his smugness. How he ended up in the bottom two I’ll never understand. Surely a finalist in the making who needed to get brought down a peg or two at this early stage.

Joe McElderry

A strong and clear voice which resounds on stage. The problem is he’s a little robotic, with little personality being put into his performances. Movements are very stilted and needs to up his game to compete with the front-runners.

Lucie Jones

A brilliant performance. Hit all the right notes and held them perfectly. The bag band ballad suited her voice well and surely the best performance of the night. Made herself a contender.

John & Edward

Not as bad as last week but that isn’t saying much. Still utterly terrible and cringeworthy to the point of having to turn away from the TV. Why aren’t the British public putting them out of their misery? Louis’ last act left in the competition.

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