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popwreckoning updates

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Quick Contest: Bored to Death/HBO Prize Pack

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 03:06 PM PDT

If you’re in dire need of entertainment and have just been sitting at home bored, we’ve got the perfect contest for you. b2d

We’re giving away a ” prize pack (but it also includes a few other HBO shows just for fun).

” is the new HBO series starring Jason Schwartzman as a young, lost writer.

Not only does Schwartzman star, but he also supplied the show’s theme song, heard here:

“Bored to Death” Theme

To win, just be the first to correctly tell us what day of the week and at what time you can see the next new “” episode. Simple!

Please use a valid email address when commenting and you must be a resident of the U.S. to enter. We’ll close the contest Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 10 p.m. CDT if we don’t already have a winner.

Prize Pack:
Flight of the Conchords Season 2
Entourage Season 5
reporter’s notebook
flash drive

: website | facebook

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PopWreckoning’s 2-Year Birthday Show!!!

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 12:00 PM PDT is turning two, so we’re celebrating! birthdayshow

The birthday show is tonight, Monday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. It is a 21 and over show held at Davey’s Uptown in Kansas City, MO.

Kansas City’s will be headlining the show.
They’re joined by two awesome bands from Colorado: and . Also playing will be Kansas City’s amazing .

Tickets will be only $5 at the door.

Band info:
: myspace
: myspace
: myspace
: myspace

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Remix Monday: Simian Mobile Disco “Audacity of Huge”

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 11:00 AM PDT

I've always really liked Simian Mobile Disco, the production and remix team, which I guess you could call a band. They formed from the ashes of Simian and the members consist of James Ford and Jas Shaw. Their music is electronic based but always original and most of the time, a little out there. “Audacity of Huge” is a track off of their last studio release Temporary Pleasure. I didn't think I liked it at first but I actually really do. It's just so damn catchy. simian

.Simian Mobile Disco – “Audacity of Huge”
The song starts off very odd. The sequencers bubble like hot water, releasing up and down bleeps that get your head bopping in almost no time. We're treated to a strangely auto-tuned voice that is reminiscent of a robotic dog barking. The chorus sounds like a trippy group of Gregorian Monks. It's just a twitching, funky, electronic piece of production with nonsensical lyrics about Joey Ramone, PM Dawn and Damien Hirst, to name but a few. Best part of the track is vocals, they're youthful and sleek, and sung by of .

.Dada Life Guerilla Fart #10 Remix
I don't even know where a title like that comes from. The mix itself is a similar production the original and it's hard to tell them apart. The Dada Life mix is a little harder and faster, with a bit more of a techno touch. But the vocals and overall progression of the words are allowed to run through. The biggest difference is that this mix splices the song at various points to interject its own musical compositions. Slight, but noticeable.

.Allez Allez Remix
This is another one of those mixes that hardly has a sound similarity to the original. The only part that sticks it the underlying bass riff. Otherwise everything built on it is much more ethereal, instrumental, softer and significantly more peaceful. It feels very airy and dreamy. It's a great tune to have on in the background or at a party when you're aiming for something a little more low key than dance heavy.

.Simian Mobile Disco Space Cave Version
Done by the originals boys, this is a re-working of their own. Very similar in progression but stripped raw, hence the Space Cave name. It's very clubby, trancey and for those 'out of your mind' dance experiences. No vocals here, just pure beats and bleeps.

Simian Mobile Disco: website | myspace

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Motion City Soundtrack special 3-night Chicago performance

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 10:00 AM PDT

Commit this to memory: starting Oct. 23 at 12 p.m., fans will be able to buy amotioncity three show pass for $49.99 (single show for $20) to attend a special three-night performance of Minnesota’s performing their first three albums in their entirety at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

On December 18th, they’ll play I Am The Movie. Dec. 19th is Commit This To Memory. Dec. 20th, the final night, they’ll play Even If It Kills Me.

has been playing together for seven years. In the new year, they’ll release their fourth album produced by .

There’s no better Christmas present than .

: website | myspace | tickets | @ liberty hall

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Brand New and Manchester Orchestra @ The Uptown, Kansas City MO

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 09:00 AM PDT

It's difficult to describe the feeling of seeing your favorite band live for the first time. A lot of words come to mind – incredible, intense and spectacular (just to name a few).

All of those words describe the and Manchester Orchestra concert last week at the Uptown Theatre.

The beautiful, unique venue hosted a three-hour onslaught of pure rock music.

Waiting through the line that wrapped around the outside of the building, you could feel the anticipation of the excitement about to come. These people had come to rock out.

The first band, Sybris, came on with powerful rock instrumentals and a very talented female vocalist.

This was the first time I heard the band and was very impressed by their level of musicianship. This is not the last we will hear from this band, and I expect them to move up in the indie rock world in the near future.


After their short set, Manchester Orchestra took the stage.

To say they melted people's faces off with their intensity would be an understatement.

Andy Hull, lead singer and one of Manchester Orchestra's guitar players, instantly commanded audience attention with eerie guitar tones and his vocal range.

After opening with the slower track "Pride," they moved straight into "Shake It Out," to get the crowd moving.

Songs such as the radio single "I've Got Friends" kept the set list moving fluidly. Fittingly, they ended their set with the song "Party's Over/The Only One." It was the end to their 30-minute party, filled with emotion, intensity and overall fun.

This band is going places and I would be shocked if they don't have their own headlining tour soon.

andy hull

The anticipation building before was thick enough you could have cut it with a knife.

This being my first time seeing them in concert, I was both nervous and excited. The whole day I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve – you know something big is coming, but you don't quite know what to expect.

When the lights went out, the crowd immediately went into a frenzy. People began to push forward in anticipation, knowing they were about to experience something truly incredible.

From the first note of "You Won't Know," the show was intense.

Frontman 's vocals were truly powerful and mesmerizing. And even though he was sick, you could not tell it was affecting him in any way.

The next few songs switched between their albums The Devil and God and Deja Entendu.

A pleasant surprise was thrown in when they played "No Seatbelt Song" off their first album, Your Favorite Weapon.

This marked the next transition in the show. The backdrops came on and they began to play songs off their most recent record, Daisy.

It was very appropriate how they marked that shift because it showed how different the band is from their early days. The songs off Daisy are very emotional, dark and really captured the crowd.

The most emotional song of the night, by far, was "Jesus Christ." It is extremely powerful and has a lot of meaning.

To wrap up their set, they performed "Play Crack the Sky," and Hull, of Manchester Orchestra, joined them on stage.

brand new

It was a great ending to an incredible show.

I highly recommend listening to all of these artists and catching a show if possible.


Band Info:
Manchester Orchestra: website | myspace | Mean Everything to Nothing review | @ radio room | interview with Chris Freeman | @ lollapalooza | @ record bar
: website | myspace | Daisy review

Written by: Casey Osburn and Jacob Brewer
Photos by: Joshua Hammond

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Clay Hughes CD Can Be Yours, For Free

Posted: 11 Oct 2009 08:02 PM PDT

ClayDue to PopWreckoning’s friendship with Clay Hughes, we’ve been granted permission to reward you guys with a free digital copy of his latest album. However, we have been limited to 10 copies.  Therefore, first come/first serve rules apply, so get off your ass and grab it up quick!

Winning is simple. Just email the word “popwreck” to Clay himself at and he’ll return your email with a link to his new album Burn. Could it BE more simple? Seriously, we love you.

Clay Hughes: Myspace

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