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Mars Volta Side Projects November Tour Dates

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 11:00 AM PDT

Considering how The ’s songs are so complexly intertwined, it would only make sense that the band’s ever-expanding family of related projects are bound together as well. In November, two such groups, Zechs Marquise and take to the road to show us how this brood continues to grow. Mars2

Zechs Marquise features multi-instrumentalist (who also plays in The ) and bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez, both siblings to legendary guitarist . is a collective of musicians founded by The ’s Grammy Award winning keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens.

While sharing The ’s penchant for expansive passages, Zechs Marquise takes a hazier, psych-laden approach to its songs, as evident on its 15-track debut album Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare which was released in Fall 2009 via Rodriguez Lopez Productions.

Tour Dates:
Nov. 7 – Black Market / El Paso, TX
Nov. 8 – The Mohawk / Austin, TX w/Trail of Dead, An Albatross
Nov. 9 – The Star Bar / Beaumont, TX
Nov. 10 – Sadies / Lafayette, LA
Nov. 11 – Low Key Arts / Hot Spring, AR
Nov. 12- Smoke & Barrel / Fayetteville, AR
Nov. 13 – The Brick / Kansas City, MO
Nov. 14 – Reggie’s / Chicago, IL
Nov. 15 – The Frequency / Madison, WI
Nov. 16- Mixtapes / East Moline, IL
Nov. 17 – Bourbon Theater / Lincoln, NE
Nov. 18 – Old Curtis Tavern / Denver, CO
Nov 19. - High Mayhem / Santa Fe, NM

Zechs Marquise: website | myspace

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Air – Love 2

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 10:00 AM PDT

Air’s Love 2 sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a Mad Men episode if it was filmed in space, and the actors’ were French.  air

Love 2 is heavier than Air’s other albums because the band used live instruments while recording the album.

It wouldn’t be an Air album if there weren’t a few strikingly beautiful ambient songs, some 60s spy tracks, and lounge music.

The ambient masterpiece of the album is “Heaven’s Light.” The other atmospheric tunes include “Tropical Disease,” “You Can Tell It To Everybody” and “African Velvet.”

“Heaven’s Light” contains sounds of the cool peace one finds in the middle of a lush forest at nightfall. “Tropical Disease” conjures thoughts of a summer boat ride. Odd flute-like sounds are played over wavy piano chords and a subtle drum beat. “You Can Tell It To Everybody” has a light reggae feel and “African Velvet” has a jazz rhythm with a few sax solos.

The spy-esque and film noir inspired tunes include “So Light Is Her Footfall, “Be A Bee,” and “Eat My Beat.”

“So Light Is Her Footfall,” incorporates “wah” guitars that whine and lean along to tell a story out of a 60s thriller (perhaps Charade, since the Air guys are French and all).

“Be A Bee” plays like a driving song, with interspersed Go! Team-like chants, beach-pop rhythms, urgent sirens, and robotic clicks. “Eat My Beat” has a psych-rock feel.

The few songs on the album that sound like Air, but don’t at the same time are “Love,” “Missing The Light Of Day,” “Sing Sang Sung,” “Night Hunter” and “Do The Joy.”

“Love” is filled with random chirps and animal noises that drop in and out over a blanket of soft music and light bells. “Missing The Light Of The Day” sounds like a slower, lighter Hot Chip track with 80s synths. “Sing Sang Sung” reminds me of other Air songs I love/hate, such as “Sexy Boy,” and “Cherry Blossom Girl.” The track plays like a delicate, disco summer jam.

“Night Hunter,” has a quirky clap beat that has electronic noises akin to those that would be played at a cantina in a Star War’s film. “Do The Joy,” contains gauzy vocals mixed with rough robotic voices, and a grinding psychedelic rock guitar that fades in and out of the song.

The band recently announced that Love 2 is now available in a limited edition box set. If interested, pre-order it now.

01. Love
02. So Light Is Her Footfall
03. Be A Bee
04. Missing The Light Of The Day
05. Tropical Disease
06. Heaven’s Light
07. Night Hunter
08. Sing Sang Sung
09. Eat My Beat
10. You Can Tell It To Everybody
11. African Velvet

Air: website | myspace

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Deas Vail Get Signed; Tour with Owl City Announced

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 09:00 AM PDT

Hailing from Russellville, AR—Deas Vail inks a deal with Mono vs Stereo, with one full length and two EP’s already under their belt, the band gets set to release their sophomore full length album Birds & Cages at all digital outlets and available for purchase at all tour dates on October 27 with non-stop touring well into 2010. Currently you can find the band on the road with and look for the band to kick into 2010 in high gear as they hit the road with on January 21. deas

“I have been all about Deas Vail for years, so when we came across the opportunity to sign them, it just made sense. I know this band has so many great songs still to come, and I am so excited about being able work with them. I believe they will really set a precedent for the kind of music that we will put out at Mono Vs Stereo, and I couldn’t think of a better first release for our new label. I am convinced that anyone who takes time to listen will agree that this band is special"– Matt Hoopes, Mono vs Stereo Head of A&R and Relient K guitarist.

The band formed a few years ago while its members were students at Arkansas Tech in the Midwestern hamlet of Russellville, AR. While at school, Wes Blaylock began writing songs he initially envisioned as solo works but as his affinity for the indie-rock scene grew, Deas Vail was born.

Mixing a unique blend of indie-rock with Wes Blaylock’s distinctive upper register range and falsetto joined by the unfailingly sharp and frenetic guitar work of Andy Moore, then add in the hauntingly melodic sounds from keyboardist and the driving and cunning rhythm section of drummer Kelsey Harelson and bassist Justin Froning you get the original sound that only Deas Vail creates.

“When we started, it was something we wanted to do because we enjoy music,” Blaylock said. “We write songs because we love songs. They make us happy or explain an experience. That’s why I grab hold of these songs and love them. It’s something we really care about.”

Deas Vail's Birds & Cages is the second release from the newly revived record label, Mono vs. Stereo, a partnership between Gotee Records and Relient K.

Tour Dates:
Oct. 23 – The Record Bar / Kansas City, MO
Oct. 24 – Triple Rock Social Club / Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 26 – Aquarium / Fargo, ND
Oct. 27 – Off Broadway / St. Louis, MO
Oct. 28 – Reggie's /  Chicago, IL
Oct. 29 – Southgate House / Newport, KY
Oct. 30 – Musica / Akron, OH
Oct. 31 – Mixtape / Grand Rapids, MI
Nov. 1 – Skully's / Columbus, OH
Nov. 3 North Star Bar / Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 4 North Star Bar / Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 5 Middle East / Boston, MA
Nov. 6 The Fillmore / New York, NY
Nov. 7 School of Rock / S. Hackensack, NJ
Nov. 8 Black Cat / Washington, DC

Jan. 21 – Beaumont Club / Kansas City, MO
Jan. 22 – Diamond Ballroom / Oklahoma City, OK
Jan. 23 – The Pageant / St Louis, MO
Jan. 24 – Egyptian Room / Minneapolis, MN
Jan. 26 – Majestic Theater / Madison, WI
Jan. 27 – 20th Century Theater / Cincinnati, OH
Jan.  28 – Newport Music Hall / Columbus, OH
Feb. 29 – Rector / Towson, MD
Feb. 30 – Norva / Norfolk, VA
Feb. 1 – Music Farm / Charleston, SC
Feb. 2 – Freebird Live / Jacksonville, FL
Feb. 3 – State Theater / St Petersburg, FL
Feb. 4 – Culture Room / Ft Lauderdale, FL
Feb. 5 – House Of Blues / Orlando, FL
Feb. 6 – The Melting Pot / Athens, GA
Feb. 8 – WorkPlay Theater / Birmingham, AL
Feb. 9 – Varsity Theater / Baton Rouge, LA
Feb. 10 – Revolution Music Room / Little Rock, AR

Deas Vail: website | myspace

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Mates of State Remixed Re-Arranged Gets Digital Release

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 08:00 AM PDT

This past April, released Re-Arranged: Remixes Volume 1 on limited-edition 12″ vinyl. Featuring four interpretations of tracks from ’s latest full-length, Re-arrange Us, it included contributions from noted remixologists , Flosstradamus, and RAC. Packaged in a classic DJ white sleeve, the 12″ EP was limited to 1000 copies worldwide. bark86

But, for folks who prefer the digital to the analog, we’re excited to announce that 's Re-Arranged: Remixes Vol. 1 is now available digitally at fine digital retailers everywhere. This digital version features a bonus track remixed by Amp Live and not available on the 12″ physical edition.

Check out Remix of “You Are Free” here:

."You Are Free ( Remix)"

01. You Are Free ( remix)
02. The Re-Arranger (Flosstradamus remix)
03. Now (RAC remix)
04. Help Help ( Philly Club remix)
05. The Re-Arranger (Amp Live remix)

: website | myspace | live review | Re-Arrange Us review

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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Murder by Death @ Terminal 5, NYC (photo essay)

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 07:00 AM PDT

Photographer Lauren Goldberg captured Murder by Death Oct. 15, 2009 when they played at NYC’s Terminal 5.













Murder By Death: website | myspace | @ bottleneck | @ grog shop | @ mr small’s

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Girl Talk and Weezer Upcoming NYC Secret Shows

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 06:00 AM PDT

New Yorkers are really getting lucky. As if the entire weeklong musicfest CMJ wasn’t enough entertainment, those in New York have the chance to hit up not one, but two secret free shows in the coming week. girl talk

First up, is the DJ stylings of Girl Talk. The show is Sunday, Oct. 25 at a secret location. It’s part of the Kia Soul Collective tour and OJ Da Juiceman will also perform. The sow runs from 2-7 p.m.

There is a catch- to gain access to the show, you have to test-drive the all-new 2010 Kia Soul at Reed Space at 151 Orchard Street in NYC. You have until Saturday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. to do this and learn the location of the Girl Talk show.

More information here.

Then if you’d rather singalong than dance-along, check out the secret show Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.

To access this one you, have to enter a contest.

You can gain access to the primary contest here or you can be more creative and honor ’s “The Sweater Song” by uploading pics of you in an ugly sweater on Facebook here.

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