Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Crazy Dreamers

You Crazy Dreamers

Song o’ Day: “Serrated Man Sound” by Mason Lindahl

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 11:38 AM PDT

Another installment of the Song o’ Day series I have been indulging in this last couple of months, hope you all like the fast blast of one track hits.  Well, hits in my books…

Today we have Mason Lindahl and his incredible guitar work.  He just happens to craft a song around his display of delicate acoustic guitar playing.  He is new to me but apparently well known for being quite the “finger picker” and I am inclined to agree.  There is a juxtaposition in this track though – you have delicate fretwork, but you also get coiled energy – this isn’t your daddy’s classically trained guitar work friends.  I guess this is why the words Alternative and Folk were used by IODA (even if both words are bastardized versions of what they once were, but I digress…).  There is just something about this track, I get the feeling there is more than just a song in this song…ya know?

Enjoy the title track from the recently released “Serrated Man Sound” album, it is worth multiple spins folks.

~~~Mason Lindhal

Mason Lindahl
“Serrated Man Sound” (mp3)
from “Serrated Man Sound”
(Porter Records)

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