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Brit Music Scene

The Gary Barlow/Robbie Williams Love-In Continues

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 11:50 AM PDT

It’s hard to imagine a time when Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams were mortal enemies, but they were for a good decade after Robbie decided he was better than Take That, left the group and went solo. Now though, it’s like they’re an old couple who have never been apart.

Take That The Ultimate Tour

According to Digital Spy, Gary Barlow told GMTV that he had spent the night around Robbie’s house eating sushi and they’d decided to watch the Take That tour DVD. Which must mean either that Robbie owns the DVD or that Gary took a copy around to him. Which is a little strange if you ask me.

Barlow explained:

“I said, ‘Rob do you fancy having a listen?’ I was up at his house one night having some sushi with him [and] I said ‘Shall we have a watch?’. I said to him, ‘Listen, flick through the bits you don’t want to watch’, but we watched the whole thing and he loved it. And it was so nice to see him enjoying what we’re doing.”

“I think one of the things that Rob always says is that because it is him on his own, the whole weight of the show and being a performer is on his shoulder – all eyes are on him. I must say, being part of a band, the responsibility is shared. And yeah I think he looks at that and probably would like it to be like that for him too. Yeah, it’s hard.”

Barlow also revealed his thoughts on Williams’ new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, and his thoughts on the eventual full reunion of the original Take That, Robbie included. He said:

“Brilliant, loved it, I knew I would. [We're] all eager to write again and get back to it as quickly as possible.”

It’s nice to see Barlow and Williams getting on together again so well, but what’s to say it’ll continue? There were obviously reasons they fell out before and there’s no guarantee those same reasons won’t crop up again, especially once Robbie rejoins Take That for good.

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