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Brit Music Scene

Brit Music Scene

The X Factor 2009 – Week 3 – Rachel Adedeji Finally Goes

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 03:01 PM PST

The X Factor 2009 has finally reached the business end, with the final 12 singing live every week until one is declared the winner. Week 4 saw Bon Jovi and JLS sing live. Bon Jovi were boringly middle-of-the-road as usual, while JLS hit some bum notes to prove why they didn’t win The X Factor last year.


This week was Rock week, although most of the contestants took that slightly less than literally. Some of the songs were rock arrangements of less-than-rock songs. The bottom two were spot-on, with Rachel Adedeji and Lloyd Daniels landing there thanks to doing rather badly on the show. Rachel Adedeji left thanks to the public vote, despite Lloyd completely screwing his performance up.

Joe McElderry

Confident and assured, a solid performance. A little cheesy and and still not exciting me. Consistently good but dull as ditch water.

Lucie Jones

Not note perfect like last week but still a good performance. Not her favored genre but coped very well and showed her versatility. Unlike some of the others she seems to enjoy herself immensely, and it shines through.

Danyl Johnson

His performance didn’t work. Off-key and definitely his first failure of the show. Recovered a little after a terrible start but the song didn’t suit his voice and very unimpressive.

Lloyd Daniels

Deserved his place in the bottom two. A little off-key, missed a few notes and overall a bad choice of song. Still looks lost on the stage, like a little boy trying to perform in an adult world.

Stacey Solomon

Keane are not rock by my reckoning. Still she managed to pull off a fairly impressive performance. A little dull, and still not doing it for me but I am starting to see why some people have taken a shine to her.

Jamie Archer

Owns the stage when he takes to it. Did sing a rock song but still not the best choice. Why not give him a Lenny Kravitz song and let him loose on something easily within his grasp?

Rachel Adedeji

Deserved her place in the bottom two. Hit some bum notes, and the arrangement of this U2 classic was uninspired. Holds notes well but a bit of a one-trick pony that is definitely an also-ran.

John and Edward

Probably their best performance so far but they were still terrible. I’m constantly amazed by the lack of understanding and psychic connection between the two, which means they are out of time with each other. Covered Queen and Freddie Mercury is likely spinning in his grave.

Olly Murs

Much better than last week. Should definitely forget the effort to turn him into some kind of swing artist and concentrate on his strengths. last week saw him backflip, this week saw him rip his shirt open. Too novelty for my liking but deserved to stay.

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UK Music Charts – Nov 1 – Cheryl Cole & Hmm, Cheryl Cole

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 01:57 PM PST

The UK music charts may mean less now than they used to but they're still an indicator of what's hot on the popular British music scene right now. This week's Top 10 singles and Top 10 albums are listed below.

Cheryl Cole Album Cover

Cheryl Cole landed the coveted number one on the singles chart last week and not only managed to hold on to it this week but added a number one album to the mix as well.

In the singles chart she held on with Fight For This Love despite strong competition from both Westlife and Jay Sean Feat. Lil’ Wayne. Michael Buble scored his biggest hit so far with Haven’t met You Yet, while Black Eyed Peas jumped from 11 to six.

In the albums chart Cole became the third female star to manage a chart double this year, with 3 Words following in the footsteps of Lily Allen and Lady GaGa. Michael Buble held on to the number two spot, while Katherine Jenkins and Daniel O’Donnell had new entries.

Top 10 UK Singles

1. (1) Cheryl Cole: ‘Fight For This Love’
2. (-) Westlife: ‘What About Now’
3. (-) Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne: ‘Down’
4. (2) Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida: ‘Bad Boys’
5. (9) Michael Bublé: ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’
6. (11) Black Eyed Peas: ‘Meet Me Halfway’
7. (3) Chipmunk: ‘Oopsy Daisy’
8. (5) Whitney Houston: ‘Million Dollar Bill’
9. (4) Robbie Williams: ‘Bodies’
10. (7) Black Eyed Peas: ‘I Gotta Feeling’

Top 10 UK Albums

1. (-) Cheryl Cole: ‘3 Words’
2. (2) Michael Bublé: ‘Crazy Love’
3. (-) Michael Jackson: ‘This Is It’
4. (-) Soldiers: ‘Coming Home’
5. (1) Alexandra Burke: ‘Overcome’
6. (-) Katherine Jenkins: ‘Believe’
7. (3) Whitney Houston: ‘I Look To You’
8. (-) Daniel O’Donnell: ‘Peace In The Valley’
9. (5) Paolo Nutini: ‘Sunny Side Up’
10. (6) Fleetwood Mac: ‘The Very Best Of’

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