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Brit Music Scene

Take That & Robbie Williams On Stage Together Again

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 11:20 AM PST

The Children In Need 2009 charity concert took place last night at the Royal Albert Hall in central London. The stage was set for Take That and Robbie Williams to reunite and perform together, and there was speculation that this was exactly what would happen. And it kind of did, but not really.

Take That

There have been rumors of a Take That/Robbie Williams reunion taking place for months now, and the Children In Need concert seemed to be the perfect opportunity. In the end, Robbie and Take That shared the stage twice but didn’t actually reunite.

So, a little wink and a grin as Take That left the stage and Robbie Williams took to it. And a 57-second reunion at the end of the concert when Paul McCartney and Take That were joined in a chorus of Hey Jude in turn by the likes of Lily Allen, Leona Lewis, and of course Robbie Williams.

That’s not what the fans were really hoping for, especially the ones who paid a premium of up to £250 ($400) so they could say they’d witnessed the moment Robbie Williams rejoined Take That. Which he hasn’t. Yet. He will do though, guaranteed.

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