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Brit Music Scene

The X Factor Finalists – ‘You Are Not Alone’ Video Review

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 12:24 PM PST

It began last year with The X Factor Finalists releasing a cover of Hero by Mariah Carey to raise money for the charity, Help For Heroes. And the trend has continued this year, with the final 12 contestants in The X Factor 2009 releasing a cover of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone.

The X Factor You Are Not Alone Single Cover

The song was debuted on this week’s The X Factor, with all 12 live finalists returning to perform the song which is being released to raise money for Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. It’s surely destined to reach number one in the British music charts and raise a ton of money.

Music video and review after the cut.

The cover is actually very nicely done. Sure, it follows the usual Simon Cowell pattern by being over-produced and having all the life and soul of the song sucked out of it, but it’s still a good version of an average song.

The video is also very standard fare, with The X Factor finalists shown standing like some over-aged school choir and clips designed to tug on the heart strings inserted at regular intervals.

I have two slight problems with this song. 1. The song is retailing for £3.98 yet only £1 from each sale is being promised for the charity. Where’s the rest of it going? 2. The choice of a Michael Jackson song to raise money for a children’s charity is a little bizarre considering the allegations that blighted the man’s career.

Putting those two issues aside, You Are Not Alone by The X Factor Finalists is a decent pop song. It will sell millions of copies and raise a lot of money for a good cause. And that’s a brilliant thing at the end of the day.

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The X Factor 2009 – Week 5 – Jamie Archer Voted Off

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 10:33 AM PST

The X Factor 2009 has finally reached the business end, with the final 12 singing live every week until one is declared the winner. Week 5 saw Shakira guest on the Sunday night show, as well as Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen who had seen their songs sung on the Saturday night show. The final 12 also sang their new charity record, a cover of You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson.


Lloyd Daniels and Jamie Archer found themselves in the bottom two this week. Each of the judges chose their favorite and it went to deadlock yet again. This is becoming standard now, and it makes having 4 judges rather than 3 appear to be a mistake. In the end, Jamie Archer, AKA Afroboy, lost out in the public vote.

The best part of the show was actually Jedward’s performance. Not because they blew everyone away with their vocals but because Calvin Harris invaded the stage while wearing a pineapple on his head. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh may not have liked it but I certainly did. In fact, I thought it was genius.

Jamie Archer

Started poorly but ended up making the song his own. A little over-reliant on the backing vocals to carry him through. Ended up good but not great. Possibly deserved to go as he was a one-trick pony.

Lloyd Daniels

Totally unimpressive yet again. However, this was his best performance so far, which probably saved him. Still looks unsure of himself and uncomfortable on stage. The song actually suited his voice well.

Olly Murs

Started terribly but improved through the course of the song. What was the stupid jig all about? The novelty dancing is out of hand. Concentrated too much on moving and not enough on vocals. Becoming smug and arrogant, even more so than Danyl.

Joe McElderry

A difficult song handled superbly. A great vocalist who just needs a little more life in him to truly compete. If he can up the personality to match the singing then in with a shout of winning.

John and Edward

One of them nearly fell over on their way out and that set the tone for another laughable performance. Ruined the song by breaking into Vanilla Ice. They can’t sing, can’t rap, and can’t dance. Hell, they even have trouble walking in a straight line.

Stacey Solomon

I’m starting to get Stacey. Finally. I still don’t like the way she talks, which strikes me as a little false, but her singing speaks for itself. A little off-key to start with but soon improved. Bad song choice but made the best of it.

Danyl Johnson

Missed the first notes then hit form. A little weak for the song but could be the same problem of underplaying it again to avoid being branded arrogant. Still my favorite singer in the contest and the one most likely to have a career.

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