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Billy Gomberg and Offthesky – Flyover Sound (Experimedia)

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 11:49 PM PST

Flyover Sound is the product of Billy Gomberg and Offthesky (Jason Corder), kicking around pretty, minimalist sketches like a pair of hippie Machinefabrieks. Like the Dutch producer, Gomberg and Corder pay close attention to frequencies, and development, with highs, lows and mids all making measured appearances, only here elements seem to sprout carelessly, like weeds. Acoustic guitar, field recording and loosely tethered sine tones intermingle with glitches and processing to create organic, free-flowing pieces akin to 12kers like Seaworthy and Fonica, and if there’s little that’s wholly original ‘Flyover Sound’ is nonetheless an entirely pleasant listen.

The album’s finest moments approach the kind of blissful revelry of Manual or Marsen Jules, almost Pop Ambient-worthy, but too carefree. ‘Wailing Walls’ has high-pitched sine tones flicker against the crinkle of closely miked paper, left to slowly distort and collapse. ‘Eyelids’ introduces warmer tones, buttery waves against which chiming guitar notes fold like a folksy Klimek. The title of ‘Radiator Peace’ hints at its origins, the hiss and crackle of household machinery deconstructed by granular synthesis, while ‘Untitled Diary Overdubs’ seems to conceal piano notes, appearing like spectres through thick night fog.

Joshua Meggitt

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