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Composite Profuse / Kobol Electronics – The Dod’s Bankers / Werkspionage 12″ (Datadisk)

Posted: 03 Nov 2009 02:42 PM PST

The premise is interesting, but I’m not sure I appreciate the affect it has had on the music. From the bio – “Two of Italy’s most formidable electrosonic programmers…were handpicked…to decode the encrypted archives of SISMI, the Italian Secret Service and bring to life these clandestine events onto a 12″ vinyl disc.”

I first listened to the music before reading the bio and can’t say I noticed anything so shrouded. With the knowledge, though, I can now hear that some of the background textures of first track, ‘Blackfriar’s Bridge’ are probably processed voice recordings. Composite Refuse use an Italian political scandal as their source, while Kobol Electronics utilise industrial espionage. The tracks do contain a sense of covert conspiracy reminiscent of classic Underground Resistance, heightened, no doubt, by the similar timbral quailities and production values. Ultimately, though, all this seems to merely obfuscate what is fairly direct music to my ears.

808 drum machines run at the heart and synth pulses are decidedly mid-80s, but both artists certainly know how to use the sounds to construct their music. Squarely in the mode of early techno practitioners such as Cybotron, these dance beats are from a time before disco’s ubiquitous four-to-the-floor kick and off-beat hats had taken their place of precedence over electro syncopation within techno. Both Composite Profuse and Kobol Electronics keep their kicks stuttering and their snares snapping, pulsing through the dark, minor key arpeggios and synth chords, though final track, ‘Code10′ almost delves into pop territory, perhaps like an instrumental New Order track from 1983.

This certainly isn’t ground-breaking music, but I don’t suppose that’s its real purpose. It is well crafted electro-techno which I’ve quite enjoyed and which certainly achieves the result of inspiring body movement.

Adrian Elmer

Composite Profuse / Kobol Electronics – The Dod’s Bankers / Werkspionage 12″ (Datadisk) is a post from: Cyclic Defrost Magazine.

“Homegrown” Australian Special – Extended Playlist 191009 – www.2ser.com 107.3FM

Posted: 03 Nov 2009 02:40 PM PST

Feasting on local produce this week!

More themes at your leisure, please, to extendedplay@2ser.com

Erasers – Lost///Found
("Erasers" CD-R – 2009, Owls) #

Equal Local – Lamp That
("Can’t Stop It!" compilation – 1982, Chapter) #

Dsico That No-Talent Hack – Modulations (The Emergency Version)
("Fool EP" – 2005, spasticated) #

Kharkov – Crustacean
("New Weird Australia Vol. 2" compilation – 2009, http://newweirdaustralia.com) #

hydatid – Synthetic Time
("Studies In Particle Motion" self-released – 2006, Half Theory) #

B(if)tek – E.E.G.
("I Dunno – Club Kooky" compilation – 1997, Kookyburra Droppings) #

Quark Kent – Lego Sunday In Space
("Beat & Squelch1: Dancing On The Clouds" – 1999, DumpHuck) #

Purdy – A Lot Neater Than War
("Beat & Squelch2: Fire In The Bassbins" – 2000, DumpHuck) #

afxjim – The T In Tchina
("Blackout Music (Pow Wow Eight)" – 2009, Feral Media) #

Broken Chip – Argo Buoys
("Pow Wow Seven" – 2009, Feral Media) #

Alps – Minke Whale
("Alps Of New South Wales" – 2009, Beatismurder) #

The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast – The Dumbwaiters
("Tael Of A Saeghors" 7inch – 1980, M Squared) #

Shane Fahey – Get Some Out Time
("The Slated Pines" – 2009, Endgame) #

Scattered Order – Photosynthesise
("Pretty Boffins" – 1999, Rather Be Vinyl) #

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“Homegrown” Australian Special – Extended Playlist 191009 – www.2ser.com 107.3FM is a post from: Cyclic Defrost Magazine.