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Hip Hop Roll

Artist Spotlight – Babes in Hip-Hop: Mya

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 07:41 AM PST

I’m going to take you down memory lane, to some classic tracks and one classic babe: Mya. Although she’s still kickin’ it I first got up on her steez in the late ’90s when Ghetto Superstar featuring ODB and Pras came out. This track was everywhere and it was hard to find someone who didn’t know the song inside out.

Mya killed it and thus began my love for babes in Hip-Hop.


No one can deny that she adds sexiness to some of the best rap stars out there, like Jay-Z.  In his 2000 “Best of Me” track Mya turns it into gold. Her voice is like honey and although you’ll usually find her producing R&B tracks, I think she belongs in Hip Hop.

Ghetto Superstar vid after the jump!

aaaaaah, isn’t nostalgia nice!


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Mos Def Bets a Million Dollars On MF DOOM Against ‘Lil Wayne

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 07:12 AM PST

Last March The Culture Capture Champs caught up with Mos Def in the studio to find out about his influences. The video that resulted is insanely entertaining especially if you’re a fan of MF DOOM. For 7 minutes Mos recites some of the best MF lyrics revealing just how tight they are.

Regardless there’s no doubt that MF DOOM is one of Mos Def’s top rappers and biggest influences. He knows his ish inside out. He talks about when Madvillainy came out that he looked at the record and just KNEW that they got it right not to mention he didn’t even have a record player but had to have it! Now that’s loyalty!

Mos even goes as far to say that he would ‘bet a million dollars on MF against ‘Lil Wayne’. Well there’s just no comparison in my opinion. MF will always be one of my top lyricists and I”m happy to know that Mos Def feels the same!

Watch the video and see for yourself! I would also love to see Mos and MF link up and drop some tracks, they would KILL it!

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