Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Know Good Music

Know Good Music

Red - I Should Tell Your Mamma On Ya

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 01:05 PM PST

Remember about a year ago when I was all gaa gaa over the homeless beat box/songwriter dude? The people who put it on youtubers were supposed to help him record the song but they took their sweet time & I forgot about it. The other day I decided I wanted to see that video again & found out that they put the song on itunes over the summer. Give me a late pass.

There's 3 versions of it. One is pretty much Red performing it the same way he did in the original youtube video with an added kick drum. Then two remixes that are more full productions. I'm slightly disappointed because I wish they had let him do the beat & the vocals as separate tracks but I guess the whole point is that he's a one man band? Still, it woulda been nice.