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Spoon’s “Transference” out in January, play New Year’s Eve with Jay Reatard

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 04:44 PM PST

Just in time for my 25th birthday (wow..weird to say), indie gods Spoon are releasing their first full length in nearly three years, Transference, on January 26, 2010 (wish me a happy 25th on the 24th) through . Produced by the band, Transference is made up of 11 new gems that honor the Spoon tradition while pushing the envelope of the band’s sound ever further. “Before Destruction” opens proceedings with a transfixing air of foreboding before “Is Love Forever?” and “The Mystery Zone” kick in with hooks that grip the listener’s cortex with the tenacity of an aural tapeworm. “Who Makes Your Money” and first single “Written In Reverse” will be familiar to Spoon fans who witnessed the band playing prototypical live versions at select dates in 2008, as will “Got Nuffin,” title track of the EP released by the band earlier this year. View Transference’s tracklisting below.spoonMED

Earlier this year, the foursome — Britt Daniel, , Eric Harvey and Rob Pope — saw the worldwide digitally released their first four albums, Telephono, A Series Of Sneaks, Girls Can Tell and Kill The Moonlight, on their website.. The albums were formatted as MP3s and high quality FLAC audio, with digital liner notes provided for the first time. Spoon will end the year playing a New Years Eve extravaganza at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee with Jay Reatard supporting.

supporting Transference will be announced as they are confirmed.

01. Before Destruction
02. Is Love Forever?
03. The Mystery Zone
04. Who Makes Your Money
05. Written In Reverse
06. I Saw The Light
07. Trouble Comes Running
08. Goodnight Laura
09. Out Go The Lights
10. Got Nuffin
11. Nobody Gets Me But You

Spoon: website | myspace

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Leighton Meester performs with Weezer

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 04:24 PM PST

This Halloween, Gossip Girl and budding pop star skipped out on trick-or-treating to join forces with Weezer at their Hammerstein Ballroom show in NYC. During a special performance of the band’s first single “(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To,” she traded off lead vocals with front man Rivers Cuomo. (of the Naked Brothers Band) joined in on guitar! Check out the concert footage beow!

You can now download Leighton’s single “Somebody to Love” featuring from iTunes here. Watch for the video to drop soon! Leighton’s debut album will be released early next year.

: website | myspace | twitter

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The Avett Brothers @ Canopy Club, Urbana IL

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 11:30 AM PST

Having seen the Avett Brothers at Austin City Limits earlier in the month, imagine my delight as I was fortunate enough to cover the Brothers Avett once again as their tour made its way to Urbana, IL home to the University of Illinois.

While I enjoyed their set at ACL, I much preferred the rowdier atmosphere of the Canopy Club as the brothers ripped through songs fast and slow, with much of the set list composed of tracks of their newest release, I and Love and You. If you haven't gotten a copy of yet, shame on you It's one of the best records to come out in 2009 in my humble opinion. the avett brothers

The brothers ability to give it all they have night after night deserves the recognition its received plain and simple. In addition to showcasing their versatility with each song, they find themselves with different instruments sometimes sprinting from drums to keys mid song. The energy is always high, providing good reason as to why the Avett Brothers have become what they are today, a band deserving of their very dedicated fan base.

Highlights of the set include the duet with opener Nicole Adkins in “Swept Away,” the solo rendition of “Black, Blueand the hootin' and hollerin' as the bluegrass breakdown of “Laundry Room” brought the evening full circle. Having seen them three times now this year, I can truly say each show is a different experience and I look forward to seeing them again very soon. I only encourage you to see this band now before you start kicking yourself for waiting so long, I know I am.

Set list:
01. And It Spread
02. Shame
03. January Wedding
04. I Killed Sally’s Lover
05. Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise
06. Telling Time
07. The Weight of Lies
08. Slight Figure of Speech
09. Black, Blue
10. The Perfect Space
11. At The Beach
12. Skin and Bones
13. It Goes on and On
14. Famous Flower
15. Die Die Die
16. Please Pardon Yourself
17. Laundry Room
18. Paranoia
19. Swept Away
20. Ill With Want
21. Talk on Indolence

The Avett Brothers: website | myspace

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This Is Me Smiling Reveals Cat Heaven Mystery

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 10:30 AM PST

Recently, you might have been sucked into another viral campaign fanfaring “Cat Heaven.” It seemed to have some mysterious connection to Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, the Matches and Justin Pierre of . tims

Well the mystery is over. The Keys to Cat Heaven is the name of the new album from pop quintet This Is My Suitcase. A few years ago, you might remember their lo-fi gem of a MCS cover where they turned a Motion City song into a Thanksgiving song.

Their album The Keys to Cat Heaven is available now. Check out the title track:

.“Welcome to Cat Heaven”

Oh and for those of you who did see the viral campaign and were curious of the following:


This Is Me Smiling explains:

Patrick Stump (most notably of Fall Out Boy wealth) has been a friend to us and a fan of our music for the past few years. in fact, he is the very person who wisely encouraged me to thematically arrange The Keys To Cat Heaven.

The Matches have been both friends and fans of our band since we opened for them several years ago and tied the knot; furthermore, (the brilliant frontman for the matches) is vocally featured on our album in the song “Jesusfreak.”

Justin Pierre (the cool-as-frost frontman for and Paper+Plastick’s own Farewell Continental) was one of the earliest supporters of This Is My Suitcase many moons ago, as well as the sweetheart who recommended us to our label Paper+Plastick; Sir Justin Pierre is also vocally featured on our album in the song “Stay Here.”

Limbeck are dear friends of ours for the last few years. gotta’ love Limbeck!

Bobcat Goldthwait just simply rules.

This Is My Suitcase: website | myspace

Photo by James Roh

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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Tegan and Sara @ Town Hall, NYC

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 09:30 AM PST

Tegan and Sara christened the birth of their 6th labor of love, Sainthood, at New York City's historic on October 30th and 31st, an event that Tegan confessed had been a dream of Sara's since they began their career ten years ago.  The twins played two sold out shows debuting the new album in its entirety on both nights as well as beloved fan favorites such as "The Con," "I Bet It Stung," "Knife Going In," and "Where Does the Good Go," among other classic T&S gems.  Having been a certified fan of the girls upon seeing their show last year at Terminal Five in New York, I was anxious to relive the infectious way in which they engage with their audience and the awe-inspiring way the band beasts through a two-hour set with muscularity and prowess.

After losing yourself in the angsty wrench of "Nineteen," it's easy to resurface and doltishly think, She's singing that to me, right? While revisiting the hits was definitely a priority, fans were feverish for a live peek at new tracks from Sainthood, screaming loudest for Sara's slinky ode to 80s synth-pop, "Alligator."  The new material, which the girls recorded with a live band in the studio, translated seamlessly to the stage and proved the oft-overshadowed fact that T&S are a masterful live band.

In addition to the epic set list, the girls entertained adoring fans with their ever-endearing, self-deprecating, twin-teasing banter.  Sara treated us to a ten minute monologue on Friday night, in response to Tegan's taunting admission that "Sara has the asthma," sharing her thoughts on Armageddon, survival of the fittest, and concluding with an offering of her body to Tegan for food and clothing should the end of the world, in fact, come.  Sara says she's not going to fight it if it happens.  It's just this kind of dark, antagonistic banter between the twins that their fans have come to cherish, that keeps them connected, and that sets them apart from other artists.  In this sense, T&S are pioneers, "tweeting" from the stage before the Internet even existed.

Other highlights included a dedication on Halloween night to Sainthood producer Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), who was in the audience Saturday and rumored to be dressed as "Kenny The Page" from 30 Rock as well as a gushing thank you from Tegan on behalf of both twins, for continuing to support the band after so many years, turning the raucous encore applause around on the fans, house lights up, urging us to applaud ourselves for a job well done. Despite a restless nod to unrequited love inherent in many T&S songs, the sentiment bouncing around in the theatre this weekend definitely found a welcome place to rest.

Tegan and Sara: website | myspace | interview with: Tegan pt. 1, pt. 2 | @ terminal 5 | Sainthood review

Written by Reni Papananias.
Photos by Dese’Rae L. Stage.

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Fanfarlo Announce First Headlining Tour of North America

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 08:37 AM PST

fanfarloThe London folk scene is alive and well. And one of the newest bands of that scene, Fanfarlo, has announced their first headlining tour of North America for this November and December. Having played CMJ two weeks ago and received glowing reviews, this tour couldn’t have been timed better. The band released their debut album, Reservoir, earlier this year.

While you are waiting to see them in a town near you, check out their stripped down version of ’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”

Tour dates:
Nov 09 – Schubas / Chicago
Nov 11 – Triple Rock / Minneapolis
Nov 13 – Moe's / Denver
Nov 14 – State Room / Salt Lake City
Nov 16 – Knitting Factory / Boise
Nov 17 – Crocodile Cafe / Seattle
Nov 18 – Media Club / Vancouver
Nov 19 - Doug Fir / Portland
Nov 20 – Great Basin Brewing Company / Sparks, NV
Nov 22 – Rickshaw Stop / San Francisco
Nov 23 – Echo / Los Angeles
Nov 24 – Casbah / San Diego
Nov 27 – Soho Restaurant & Music Club / Santa Barbara
Nov 29 – Club Congress / Tucson
Nov 30- Santa Fe Brewing Company / Santa Fe
Dec 02 – Independent / Austin
Dec 03 - Loft / Dallas
Dec 04 – Walter’s on Washington / Houston
Dec 06 – Bottletree / Birmingham
Dec 09 – Metro Gallery / Baltimore
Dec 10 – Johnny Brenda’s / Philadelphia
Dec 11 – Iota / Arlington, VA
Dec 12 – Brillobox / Pittsburgh
Dec 14 – Majestic Cafe / Detroit
Dec 15 – El Mocambo / Toronto
Dec 16 – Il Motore / Montreal
Dec 17 – T.T. The Bear’s / Boston
Dec 18 – Webster Hall / New York City

Fanfarlo: website | myspace

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Britt Daniel @ PDX Pop Now Benefit, Mississippi Studios, Portland OR

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 05:30 AM PST

I happened to be in Portland this weekend seeing some friends, and one of those friends also happened to mention that Britt Daniel of would be playing a solo show as part of a benefit for PDX Pop Now, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to Portland's local music scene. They've released a few compilations and put on free all-ages festivals since 2004. That's pretty cool.

Britt Daniel wasn't the only person playing this small show at the off-the-beaten-path Mississippi Studios, which is a pretty nice venue if I do say so myself. The guy who sold my friend and I our tickets didn't even argue with me when I took my camera in. He said, "Just don't use any flash." The only bad part was the way they separated all-ages from 21+. Us young'ns got to sit up in the balcony while the 21+ crowd was on the floor. But because of the intimacy of the venue and the wraparound balcony, there wasn't a bad seat in the house.

The show opened with local band IOA (pronounced like Iowa) – a hodgepodge of a French horn, trumpet, the Latin guiro, keyboard, several drums, bass and a ukulele. Compiled of various members of other bands, mainly from another local Portland band, Point Juncture, WA, lead vocalist Amanda Spring confessed that this was their first show. They were quite at ease on stage, even though there were six people along with their instruments on the tiny stage. It's hard to describe their music, because with all those instruments, they didn't really have a genre. Or I guess I could say it was very Portland, if that makes sense. It was the perfect example of what PDX Pop Now was trying to accomplish – exposing those underappreciated bands of Portland.

After a 45-minute set, we all took a 15-minute break while Anita and of Viva Voce, a.k.a. The Robinsons, set up. I'd never heard of Viva Voce, but I was very impressed by the technical talent that Anita and Kevin possessed. Anita's slide guitar was mystifying, and when she picked up the electric, it made me want to pick up my Les Paul again and learn some new sweet grooves. Kevin did most of the talking, and he thanked PDX Pop Now several times. He also mentioned that the PDX Pop Now festival was the first time he crowd surfed.

"I won't crowd surf now," he said.

There was a lot of love in the room. There wasn't a lot of energy, but with an acoustic show, there can't be much dancing, just more head-bobbing. The Robinsons were a nice balance of mellow songs with heavier, more epic songs with lots of droning guitar riffs on Anita's part, while Kevin kept the rhythm with his acoustic. Anita even played a xylophone through one song. I strongly recommend picking up their newest album, Rose City, released last May.

Up until now, people had been trailing into Mississippi Studios slowly, filling up the 35 seats on the balcony and lining the wall all around it. The floor below had become far denser since the show started at 8. After all, most people were there to see Britt Daniel anyway.

And let me tell you – I love . It's one of those bands you don't get tired of. And Britt Daniel's distinct voice is also one you don't get tired of. His voice worked well with mellow songs like "I Summon You," or with the louder shouts in "Don't Make Me a Target," and harmonizing with his guest drummer on a few songs, former member . Daniel played plenty of hits, and a few new songs, which made me really excited, plus some lesser-known songs. One song in particular, from the Home split EP with Conor Oberst, he preempted with a little story about Oberst, which got some laughs.

"Not a good guy to go to a Haunted Corn Maze with. He was scared. I had to walk in front of him the whole time. Janet was there," he said as he looked over the Weiss on the side of the stage. "You were there too."

Daniel switched from acoustic guitar to electric guitar to a bass throughout night, which fed the energy of the room, taking the small intimate crowd on an-hour long tour of 's newer hits from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and older songs from Gimme Fiction, Kill the Moonlight, and Girls Can Tell. Plus, we got a four-song encore, which was pretty sweet. I also was thoroughly impressed by the way the club sounded. Mississippi Studios has such a unique set up that it fit the persona of Portland just right. And the minimalist vibe of the show mixed with Daniel's raspy vocals and modest charisma made the crowd – both on the floor and the balcony – feel very connected.

Mississippi Studios doesn't need fancy light work or large crowds to put on a good show. They just need easygoing doormen and great music.

PDX Pop Now: website

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