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popwreckoning updates

popwreckoning updates

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Win a Stars of Track and Field Prize Pack

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 12:00 PM PST

Stars of Track and Field just released their new album A Time For Lions and we felt it was a time for a contest. shirt

We’re giving away a copy of the new album and a t-shirt from the band.

To win simply share with us what you were a star of: track and field, football, tennis, couchsurfing…

We’ll choose a winner from the entries Friday, Nov. 13 at 12 p.m. CDT.

You must live in the U.S. to enter (sorry our out-of-country readers) and please use a valid email address when entering.

Stars of Track and Field: myspace | @ monolith 2009 | @ jackpot

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Paper Route Hosts Remix Contest; Covers ‘Day N Nite’

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 11:00 AM PST

Touring as a band on the road can be a difficult task. Especially when it comes to artists whose minds are constantly on the go, creating new melodies, beats and lyrics like Paper Route. Taking the time in the van to enjoy other artist’s music has inspired them to cover Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite” as well as offer a remix contest for their fans. paperroute

.Paper Route’s “Day N Nite” cover

From now until November 15th you too can try your hand at the art of remixing with Paper Route’s track “Gutter.”  The best mix (chosen by the band) will receive placement on Paper Route’s Myspace Homepage as AND website as well as an autographed poster from the band. So dust off those headphones, whip out those tracks you love so much and get inspired by listening to JT, , and as they blast out “Day N Nite” the Nashville way.

Paper Route: website | myspace

Photo by Bob Miller

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Manchester Orchestra – ‘Shake It Out’

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 09:57 AM PST

Bars, biceps and one epic beard. These are the things you have to look forward to in Manchester Orchestra’s new video for “Shake It Out,” which just premiered on MySpace.

Manchester Orchestra: website | myspace | Mean Everything to Nothing review | @ radio room | interview with Chris Freeman | @ lollapalooza | @ record bar | @ uptown

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Miniature Tigers – Tell It to the Volcano

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 08:30 AM PST

While listening to Tell It To the Volcano, the two adjectives that seemed to stand out the most in my observations were awkward and endearing. Ironically, the latter adjective was used to describe their debut EPs, Black and White Magic by music magazine Death +Taxes. I wish not to sound repetitive, but I don’t honestly think there is a better way to illustrate this band verbally. miniature tigers

They’re cute, quirky, and comical (musically, that is…I’ve never met them personally to be capable of assuming so), and all of the typical adjectives associated with their roots. Two years prior to the release of their aforementioned dual disc EP, Rolling Stone gave them a nod on their list of the “25 Hottest Bands On MySpace.” Not to classify them as a “MySpace band” or anything to that extreme, but let’s be straight; MySpace has helped a lot of bands make it big and many of them sound stylistically similar to . Examples include , , and ….you get the picture. It’s not that they are essentially the same, they just noticeably came from a similar mold. It’s not just the catchy indie-pop tunes, it’s the “awkwardly endearing” quality.

Their lyrics are heavily sardonic (similar to the aforementioned ), laden with extraneous metaphors, and over dramatized exaggerations. Their instrumentation, however was very difficult to throw myself into. Maybe it’s their somewhat mellow nature; whimsical and slightly redundant, punctuated by often strange noises (very -esque, except is a bit more up tempo and diverse), but they just didn’t personally get me going. If you happen to dig the typical “MySpace indie” sound, then I would definitely recommend this album to you. The band has been recognized by various publications, including SPIN magazine’s “9 Hottest New Bands Playing CMJ 2008″ and has toured with the likes of Ben Folds and Popwreckoning favorite , as well as substituting their own lead guitarist with Phantom Planet’s Darren Robinson in the earlier part of this year.

The band is currently touring to promote the album.

Track listing:
01. Cannibal Queen
02. Like Or Like Like
03. Dino Damage
04. Tell It To The Volcano
05. Hot Venom
06. Tchaikovsky & Solitude
07. The Wolf
08. Giraffe
09. Annie Oakley
10. Haunted Pyramid
11. Last Night’s Fake Blood

: website | myspace | @ electric factory | @ jackpot

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