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Remix Monday: Killer on the Dancefloor – ‘Gringo Oba Oba’

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 01:00 PM PST

Some crazy tunes today. In this post I'll be featuring Killer on the Dancefloor, a DJ/Production duo from the urban realms of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Killer on the Dancefloor is the combination of DJs Phillip A. Fatu & . They've had some lengthy experience in the digital/electronic world, sharing the stage with the likes of , Digitalism and So Me. They seek inspiration from the mash up scene and when not mixing/performing as Killer on the Dancefloor they manage Maximize, a sub label from Transit Music. And to be honest, I started to do this post because of the “MMMathias Remix.” kotd

.Killer on the Dancefloor – “Gringo Oba Oba”
“Gringo Oba Oba” is a very creatively created song. It starts off old school with the scratching, ill adjusted sound of a record player, then coming in clean with hard, heavy, South American bongos, pounding deep and heavy. Very native sounds, until we start seeing signs of progressive electronic music, with deep sequencers, distorted bleeps, subtle breathing, and eventually light melodies to distract from the heavy sounds. This is also encompassed by pseudo robotic lyrics speaking “Rio De Janeiro, Killer on the Dancefloor.” Very weird indeed. But pretty fun. However, I don't know when any normal person would listen to this.

.MMMathias Remix
Much more of a sane tune here. And by sane I mean normal. MMMathias transforms this a great deal, making it more of a continuous song than a jumble of different music like the original. He brings to it an electro house feel that is missing in the original. And from that he builds a great synth riff that underlines the track. He features the original sequencers, which he adjusts lightly in that they play softer and bounce across the song. The odd vocals are still available, but MMMathias cuts them in the right points. A great part of the mix is when everything goes silent and the song seems to fade out, but MMMathias brings it back up again with a plethora of electronica and then the vocals.

.“Tropikill Remix”
The Tropikill mix starts in much the same fashion as the original. It features hits on South American bongs, only that they are faster here. The vocals kick in here as well but are more nonsensical. This remix keeps a very similar aesthetic in the random music and cuts, but adds heavier and more trance/90s club vibes. I actually think this is a pretty poor mix. But alas, they only made two for this track thus far.

Killer on the Dancefloor: website | myspace

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Animal Collective’s Fall be Kind Out Dec. 15; JL Stiles Covers AC

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 12:09 PM PST

Animal Collective are set to release a new studio EP, Fall Be Kind on November 23rd 2009 (digitally) and 15th December (physically).
Fall Be Kind is recorded by Ben Allen. It includes five new songs, one of which, “Sky,” is the first ever licensed sample.

In other Animal Collective news, artist JL Stiles recently did a cover of the group’s “No More Running” and we can’t stop spinning it. Check it out:

.JL Stiles – “No More Running”

Track Listing:
01. Graze
02. What Would I Want? Sky
03.  Bleed
04. On a Highway
05. I Think I Can

Animal Collective: website | myspace

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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Peter Bjorn and John with El Perro del Mar @ 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 11:16 AM PST

n-pbj8From the get-go, I liked “Nothing to Worry About” by an awful lot the first time I ever heard it. Interestingly, this band from has stated that the song, with backing from a children’s choir, started out as a homage to Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).” But I think you will agree with me that PB&J’s “Nothing to Worry About” sounds nothing like Jay-Z’s 1998 opus. A look back at the 10-year history of this Swedish trio and you will see their influences and approaches to making pop music are so varied among the three of them, and they are musical chameleons that keep changing their sound and never seem to stay in one place. Here’s an example: their fourth album, Seaside Rock (with an extremely limited release in America) was purely instrumental. But that’s what makes them so original and intriguing.

In May, I missed the chance to see PB&J at a sold-out show at the 9:30 just weeks after their fifth album containing “Nothing to Worry About,” Living Thing, had been released. (The night of the 9:30 show, I was a couple blocks away at the Black Cat covering Noah and the Whale, another favorite of mine). So was I thankful when I heard the band would be starting their celebratory “10 years in the music business” birthday tour in Washington and I’d be there to see them this time around.

a-epdm1El Perro del Mar, fellow Swede Sarah Assbring’s solo project, was the opener for the night. I don’t know if it’s the 9:30 Club, but this was yet another show there that I felt the bass was too heavy in the mix. Upon further listening to the recorded version of El Perro del Mar’s “Change of Heart,” you will find some of her songs tend to be bass-heavy anyhow, so if you like sultry, bass-driven rock, definitely check out her Love is Not Pop, released in America on October 20. Assbring and her three-piece backing band started their set with “Let Me In,” Assbring contributing what felt like very shy vocals that were in sharp contrast to her shaking her body to every one of the backbeats. I don’t know if it was nerves and shyness or fear, but she sipped a glass of wine with her back to the stage and talked little between songs, not saying much at all except to thank PB&J for choosing her to tour with them, and then she and the band left the stage rather abruptly.

El Perro del Mar set list
Let Me In
Change of Heart
L is for Love
Gotta Get Smart
A Better Love
I Can’t Talk About It

l-pbj6About 20 minutes passed and then the lights dimmed for . Their backdrop magically appeared – a black cloth with “” at the top and “BACKDROP” repeated over and over again in white letters; if you’ve seen the cover for Living Thing, this will make more sense. The crowd chanted “PB&J! PB&J! PB&J!” Bearded and extremely tall Björn Yttling (bass and synths) strapped on his bass guitar and deadpanned, “I’m Björn.” The audience cheered. Then he turned to point at his bandmates, “That’s John. And that’s Peter.” As if the audience needed a roll call. More cheering. Then the trio got to work, launching into “Amsterdam,” from the 2006 album that broke them, Writer’s Block. Peter Morén, guitarist and usual lead vocalist, was footloose and fancy free all evening, his white sneakers pounding the stage in a somewhat dizzying spectacle, as sometimes he would be onstage and sometimes he’d be rocking out on one of the big speakers on either end of the stage that you knew were positioned just so he could show off. After the second song, Morén quipped, “This [Washington D.C.] is the best place in the world!“, which of course elicited wild cheers from the crowd. The club was abuzz in excitement all night long.

In “I Want You,” another track from the current album, drummer John Ericksson assumed lead vocal duties, with Morén’s guitar providing another “voice” if you will that complemented Ericksson’s perfectly. “Young Folks,” now a mainstay at indie dance nights, exceeded my expectations; the vocals done so well by Victoria Bergsman (formerly of the Concretes) on record were replaced live by Sarah Assbring, whose own dance moves matched Morén’s in energy. Kids on the floor were dancing and waving their arms without abandon for this and “Nothing to Worry About,” a soon-to-be club dance classic. In a word: brilliant.

“Lay It Down” became a club-wide singalong with its humorous chorus of “Hey shut the fuck up boy / you’re starting to piss me off / take your hands off that girl / you’ve already had enough“; during this, Morén danced about with his guitar in a fashion. Before the encore, we got a special treat. Morén explained that they had never played any song from Seaside Rock in America, and they were going to play “Needles and Pins” from that album, complete with a guest band, (four guys equipped with two saxophones, a clarinet, and kazoos). When they returned for the encore, they decided to play “Paris 2004,” Morén saying they didn’t play this too often live and that he wasn’t sure if he knew all the notes. But the trio played the song gorgeously, and like all the other songs of the night, it appeared effortless.

At the end of the show, Morén unexpectedly threw his guitar to the ground, jumped on one of the big speakers, and shouted, “Now I’m going to the merch table!” At that point, I was expecting a riot as patrons predictably flooded the merch table in the back, hoping to get a photo with Morén or an autograph. Turned out all three of them patiently took photos with fans and signed anything put in front of them. Truly a class act. , hope you come back to D.C. in the very near future, we would be happy to have you back.

set list
Far Away, By My Side
Living Thing
I Want You
It Don’t Move Me
Lay It Down
Just the Past
Young Folks
Nothing to Worry About
Needles and Pins (instrumental)

Paris 2004
People They Know
Objects of My Affection

Tour dates
Nov 09 - Webster Hall / New York City#
Nov 11 – Phoenix Theatre / Toronto#
Nov 12 – Metro / #
Nov 13 – Gargoyle Club / St. Louis#
Nov 14 – House of Blues / Dallas#
Nov 15 – La Zona Rosa / Austin#
Nov 17 – Rialto Theater / Tucson#
Nov 18 – House of Blues / San Diego#
Nov 19-20 – Great American Music Hall / San Francisco, CA#
Nov 21 – Club Nokia / Los Angeles#
# with El Perro del Mar

: website | myspace | @ 9:30 Club (May 2009) | Remix Monday: Peter Bjorn and John: It Don’t Move Me | @ Granada
El Perro del Mar: website | myspace

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Zee Avi @ First Unitarian Church Chapel, Philadelphia

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 09:15 AM PST

It seems Zee Avi has outgrown the ’s Chapel. I can attest to the because, despite having the 9:30 show cancelled after the 7:30 show sold out (9:30 tickets were honored at 7:30), I arrived just ten minutes after doors and was forced to sit on the chapel’s stone floor as all the pews were packed. Sitting on the floor isn’t a complaint — I’d lay on a bed of nails if that’s what it took to have to see Zee perform — but, listen up R5 Productions, I’d like to recommend either keeping the second show or moving down the basement next time.

It was a nice surprise when Philadelphia locals took stage to open for Zee; I’d been expecting Patrick Keeler (Zee’s drummer, whom you may remember from such bands as The Greenhornes and ) to open, which, sure, had confused me because he’s a drummer, but I’d merely misread an email. It was a delight to have the no-frills native indie pop quartet grace the pulpit providing catchy hooks with the occasional lapse into cacophony. If front man ’s use of the ukulele isn’t enough to win you over (it should be), you can’t not love that gives away all of their music for free. Head over to the band’s official page to score their debut record, Private Pockets, for nothing more than a suggested donation. Catch The Mural and the Mint on MySpace to sample some tunes and, if you like what you hear, please do donate even a small something so they can continue to make beautiful, sincere music.

The Mural and the Mint

A short standing intermission was rather welcomed during the set change as lower extremities took to falling asleep as my concert companions and I sat on the floor, but we were excited for Zee to take the stage. She was greeted with a burst of applause upon taking her seat on the pulpit. The set started off with some technical difficulties for her bassist which was more than worth the wait when the heavy, jazzy thumping finally resounded through the amp. With the voice of an angel, if you believe in such things, Zee kicked off the set with the jazzy “Poppy,” a eulogy about the deadly results of opium use; “My baby he don’t act like himself no more: / He lost that smile I use to adore. / He spend his nights slapping his veins / He lost that glow he used to have on his face.”

zee avi 3

After a heartfelt cover of ’s “Slow Hands,” the set took on a joyful tone as Zee performed “The Traveler,” a hook-filled song which she’s only performed live. “I Am Me Once More” brought back that beautiful jazz sound Zee excels at before she teased the crowd about performing “Honey Bee,” her only love song and crowd favorite. There’s so much beauty in the seeming simplicity about a bee rescuing its love from the mindless drones of the beehive: “Oh my darling honey bee / I'll come save you / Even if it means I'll have to face the queen.

zee avi 4

The remainder of the set was largely a party with a musical triumvirate of single “Bitter Heart” preceding “Just You & Me” and the Manglish (= Malaysian + English) “Kantoi.” “Kantoi,” Malaysian for “busted,” is a fantastically poppy song despite its unsettling subject matter of a woman catching her boyfriend cheating on her, but it’s not so bad since she was cheating on him, too. Ah, love.

zee avi 2

Discontent with a short eight song set, the crowd demanded another from the petite Malaysian songbird. Fortunately, she obliged and played a song that has been stuck in my head going on three days, Morrissey’s “First of the Gang.” It needn’t be said that Moz is a legend and while he doesn’t have a reputation for being the sweetest fella, I can’t imagine he’d be at all mad at Zee’s sweet, delicate vocals doing eons of justice to this 2004 hit track. Taking another cue from Morrissey, Zee performed this as her solo encore song as Moz did at the end of many of his shows during his 2009 Tour of Refusal.

zee avi

Last night, Zee Avi stole our hearts away.

Set List:
Slow Hands ()
The Traveler
I Am Me Once More
Honey Bee
Bitter Heart
Just You & Me
First of the Gang (Morrissey)

Head over to Popwreckoning’s YouTube page to catch some footage of Zee during her previous stop through Philadelphia.

Zee Avi: website | myspace | @ webster hall
: website | myspace

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Muse – “Undisclosed Desires” Promo Video

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 08:00 AM PST

If you watched the MTV VMAs this year, you saw Devon, trio Muse make their American television debut playing “Uprising” to the throngs at the packed Walter Kerr Theater in New York City. They just released their latest promo video for their forthcoming single, “Undisclosed Desires”, to be released in the UK on November 16. The r&b-esque groove on this song is killer, and the futuristic video features singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy on keytar. Check it out.

Muse: website | myspace | Muse Reveal Tracklisting for New Album | Muse to Play Several U.S. Dates with U2 and MTV VMAs | Various Artists: New Moon Soundtrack

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Monsters of Folk @ Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL

Posted: 09 Nov 2009 07:00 AM PST

What is there to say about this show? Having the pleasure of seeing three of the best singer/songwriters music today share the stage was a surreal experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Going into this show, I really didn’t know what to expect, not having seen any of the acts in any capacity, but the show atmosphere setup and atmosphere had the feel of seeing Dylan- you knew you were seeing/experiencing truly special. Monsters of Folk 6

Something really to admire is how the show is structured, shifting from tracks from their self-titled, , into songs from each other’s extensive back catalogue of indie-rock classics. Each of the three, , and Jim James had mini sets of acoustic songs with a combination of another member ( and Jim James harmonies were full of such soul). Of the three was the one I was the least familiar with, only knowing him from She & Him, but his solo set made me a believer and left the crowd in awe as his solo set, receiving a standing ovation and me making a personal note, “For the love of God, as soon as you get home, get some albums.”

As the show hit the 2 hour mark, the M.O.F really hit their stride as Jim James steals the show (with his stellar white boy dance moves that would give Dave Matthews a run for his money), as he leads the band through My Morning Jacket’s Smokin’ From Shootin’ and ’s Losin’ Yo Head. Not to be outdone, adds some punch to his verse of Smokin From Shootin’ as holds down the keys and guitars rather masterfully.

Monsters of Folk 5

This is a show that completely blew me away: plain and simple. After three hours, Jim James added, “Boy , you sure know how to treat a lady.” experienced something truly special that I will proudly recall for years to come.

Set List:
Say Please
The Right Place
Soul Singer in a Session Band (Bright Eyes)
Slow Down Jo
Ahead of the Curve
Lullaby + Exile () Monsters of Folk 15
We Are Nowhere and It's Now (Bright Eyes)
The Big Picture (Bright Eyes)
Golden (My Morning Jacket)
Baby Boomer
Bermuda Highway (My Morning Jacket)
Look at You (My Morning Jacket)
Man Named Truth
Vincent O'Brien ()
One life Away ()
Wonder (The Way I Feel) (Jim James w/ )
Lime Tree (Bright Eyes)
Dear God
To Save Me ()
Smoke Without Fire (Bright Eyes)
One Hundred Million Years ()
Chinese Translation ()
Bottom of Everything (Bright Eyes)
The Sandman, The Brakeman and Me
Map of The World
Smokin' From Shootin' (My Morning Jacket)
Hit The Switch (Bright Eyes)
Losin' Yo Head
At Dawn (My Morning Jacket)
Whole Lotta Losin'
Another Travelin' Song (Bright Eyes)
His Master's VoiceMonsters of Folk 9

Monsters of Folk 4

: website

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