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popwreckoning updates

popwreckoning updates

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VV Brown Makes US Debut with the Attic

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 09:00 AM PST

After becoming a praised sensation in her home country of England, hopes to make her U.S. debut just as shining with The Attic EP, which is digitally available now. VVBrown-B

Though the EP just became available in the states, her music has already made an impression on shows like the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”

The Attic EP, features four tracks: “Game Over,” “Quick Fix,” along with “Crying Blood (Andrew Weatherall Remix),” and an acoustic performance of “Shark in the Water.” Look for a hard copy stateside Nov. 17. The EP gives a taste of her full album Travelling like the Light, which is set for U.S. release on February 9, 2010.

Check out her music video for “Crying Blood” below:

Crying Blood

VV Brown | MySpace Video

: website | myspace

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Download Capgun Coup’s ‘Sitting on the Sidewalk’

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 08:00 AM PST

When you are an indie rock band from Omaha that got started living in an infamous house known as “Hotel Frank” you’re destined for one of two things: greatness or begging for free booze outside of the bar Brothers across the street from Hotel Frank. I’m really hoping the guys in are destined for the former. capgun

They’re sophomore album Maudlin just came out on Team Love and I can’t stop spinning the smart and quirky record.

Check out their sound now by listening to second single: .“Sitting on the Sidewalk” (right click to save)

Or catch them live on tour with fellow Nebraskan group . Tour dates are here. And of course, you’re more than welcome and highly recommended to do both.

: website | myspace

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Bite Sized Reviews

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 07:00 AM PST

Here at PopWreckoning, we've officially hit a level of mail that makes it impossible for us to give full reviews to every band. However, this does not mean we believe that these bands shouldn't be granted some for of press. It simply means we have to scale it down a bit. Therefore, we have opted to create a feature called Bite Sized Reviews, which shall appear several times a week. This feature will contain 5 reviews each under 100 words and links to the albums website, MySpace page or label. We believe this is the best use of our mail and hope you too enjoy the reviews. They are as follows:

Heavy Days

’s LP, Heavy Days, is filled with psychedelic rock tunes that have a grunge, punk twist; similar to if Units’ songs were faster, and the lead singer screamed more. Although the album is split (Side A, B), neither side has a distinguishing sound.

(vocals, guitar) and ’s (drums) songs are filled with gritty bass lines and wah guitars. Many of the album’s songs ride the line between dance track and trip out. Perhaps they’ve created a new genre: tripdance.



The Birds Of AvalonUncanny Valley

It’s hard to tell where Birds of Avalon’s album, Uncanny Valley, is cominalansingley.coverg from, or where it’s going. Appropriate, considering the goal of the album was to explore the concept of confusion.

The first half of Valley is very distorted and fuzzy. Around the seventh track, “Student Teaching,” the songs calm down significantly. “Spirit Lawyer” sounds like a classic rock band’s jam session, while “Last Rights (Funky Slide)” has a soothing vibe; the melody is watery, and comes and goes with the track’s heavy beat.

website | myspace


Skyscraper Crow

’s Skyscraper Crow is a concept album. Crow is filled with slow and windy acoustic songs. Skyscraper contains “laptop pop.”

Many of the songs on Crow have a melancholy feel and feature Parker singing and playing an acoustic guitar; few tracks have light percussion. The album sounds very pure.

Skyscraper is filled with subtle harmonies, whining synths and electronic clicks. Echoing drum beats give many of the songs a hollow, cold sound. Two albums. Different sounds. Both beautiful and distinct.

website | myspace


Alan Singley & Pants MachineFeelin’ Citrus

Alan Singley & Pants Machine’s Feelin’ Citrus is comprised of chill tunes and quirky lyrics. The album has some solid pop grooves, such as “Le Rain” and “Medley Of Revival.” Other songs, such as “We’ll Become Sand” and “Rice Pudding” sound like smooth lounge ballads. You can almost imagine the band performing in a smokey piano bar. Feelin’ Citrus is a solid and diverse album from end to finish. Sit back, chill and have a martini.

website | myspace

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