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She Plays Music

She Plays Music

From the Vault: Bjork

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 09:00 AM PST

There are many things I forget but Bjork is not one of them. Although she’s not really in the media right now she’s still in my heart. In fact she probably pops up on my iPod more often then not. When I go to a record shop to buy one of her CDs I’m always baffled by how large her section is. Someone who has been producing records since 1977 deserves a shout out.

Everyone wants to remix her stuff and everyone tries to understand her. Just give up because you never will. Instead just sit back and enjoy her music and her eclectic fashion choices.


I’m pretty much a fan of anything that sounds like it off the beaten path. Mainstream tracks are too manufactured sounding.

Bjork brings randomness, eccentricity, and a touch of beauty to the table to produce sounds that are unexpected yet welcomed.

Enjoy this remix of ‘Immature’ by Future Alien. If you can’t handle the picture just close your eyes! It is a bit scary!

Image Credit: Fame Pictues

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Rihanna’s Killer Style – My New Fashion Role Model

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 08:26 AM PST

Sometimes Rihanna’s style has me in awe. Not to mention her towering height. She could easily be a model but has chosen the path of music (a successful one at that) and fashion. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan but everytime a new photo pops up I love everything she’s wearing.

I can also blame her fashion for getting me interested in her musical career. Any time a video comes on tv or on the radio I pay attention. By no means am I a Rihanna expert, but I sure do know she is one talented babe.

Last night she was awarded the “Woman of the Year 2009″ at the Glamour Awards and looked stunning in a killer gown. This is a much deserved title and how appropriate that it was the Glamour Awards considering Rihanna looks incredibly glamourous.


More photos of Rihanna in her killer dress after the jump + vid of her accepting the award!



Rihanna not only deserves this award because of her fashion status or her musical talent but because she has now become a role model for women suffering from domestic abuse. She is a woman that we can all respect because she has pulled through and been strong! She is now stronger then she ever was and because of that her success keeps climbing.

Image Credit: Bauer Griffin

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