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Artifacts Rhyme Biting Scandal (Tame One vs. Lo Down)1994

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 08:30 AM PST

Back in the day, maybe sometime in 1994(not positive), I remember listening to Stretch and Bobbito one night when the following occurred:

Stretch or Bob announced that they had received a certain demo in the mail. They played the first verse of said demo, check it out-

Lo Down - Mask Of The Phantom

Well, this verse sounded a little too familiar to the record breaking duo. It rang such a resounding bell because it was the same exact verse Tame One had kicked in a freestyle on their show in the past. They just happened to have that freestyle on hand and immediately played it after that demo. Peep it-

Tame One Freestyle

Yep. Same exact verse. I guess if this happened now a days, it wouldn't mean anything. But we all know that biting, especially straight lyric jacking, was not cool back then. And it still isn't, in our book, right?

I don't remember what exactly ensued after this was exposed, but I don't remember ever seeing many records by the Lo Down crew. It's a shame, too, they had some pretty good beats. Shouldn't have bit.

Download includes full Lo Down song and full Artifacts freestyle.

Thanks to Mad Human at the T.R.O.Y. forum for uploading the Lo Down EP in our definitive Ill EPs thread. Over a 100 EPs and counting, join in and add on.
Thanks to Roy Johnson for the Artifacts freestyle. I'm pretty sure that's who posted it. If not, claim your props in the comments.


Recap 10/26/09 -11/01/09

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 07:30 PM PST

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