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Drummer Matt Tong Talks Bloc Party Future – Is There One?

Posted: 17 Oct 2009 01:27 PM PDT

My love for Bloc Party goes back to 2003 when I first head of them. I’m not as keen now since they’ve changed their style from alternative rock to dance rock (if there is such a thing) but they’re still one of the best bands in the country. Except they may not be a band anymore, as they’re taking an extended break and aren’t sure when, if ever, they’ll be back.

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As far back as July, Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke intimated that the band would be taking a break after their current touring commitments. He stated that the future was unclear for Bloc Party, and that they may never record again as a group.

Now, drummer Matt Tong has spoken at length about Bloc Party’s future.

It seems he’s confident there will be more to come from each member, but not necessarily together. And he personally wants to head off in another direction, maybe not even drumming?

He told BBC 6Music:

“Unfortunately that is going to be it for the time being. We definitely need to have a break and gain a bit of perspective on life outside of the band. Hopefully if we do reconvene at some point in the future we’ll be refreshed and have so many ideas to bring to what it is we do. I definitely don’t think this will be the last you’ll hear of the people who make up Bloc Party.”

“Kele is an insatiable workaholic and creating is something he is so connected to so you’ll definitely hear from him again along with Russell (Lissack) and Gordon (Moakes) also. As for me I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind trying something else for a while.”

I’m not convinced Bloc Party will ever come back together. I think it’ll be one of those breaks which extends until it becomes a permanent split without an announcement to that end ever being made. Which would be a sad way to end Bloc Party.

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