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Brit Music Scene

The X Factor 2009 – Week 2 – Rikki Loney Goes Home

Posted: 19 Oct 2009 05:39 PM PDT

The X Factor 2009 has finally reached the business end, with the final 12 singing live every week until one is declared the winner. Week 2 saw Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston sing live, and both did a reasonable, though not spectacular, job.


Here are how the contestants fared this week. Rikki Loney was sent home after placing in the bottom two with Rachel Adedeji.

Lucie Jones

A few off-notes but generally an assured performance. Opened her voice up well and didn’t try to mimic Whitney Houston. Which she’d have failed at so it was a good call.

Olly Murs

Proved he can move, although his crazy legs dance can be described as good isn’t clear. Poor choice of song, tried to pull off the swing thing again, as happens every year, and failed. Annoying.

Miss Frank

Still look like solo artists trying to be a group. Good song choice but managed to mess it up with some out-of-tune moment. Sure, their mentor Louis isn’t there but that’s no excuse.

Rachel Adedeji

Started very badly and missed or messed up noted throughout. Wrong song, too big for her. There are much better singers left in the content. No wonder she was in the bottom two again.

Joe McElderry

Great voice but there’s little oomph there as yet. Where is the personality seeping through every note? Needs to push himself and his voice onto the audience more. At the moment, too wet and too wimpy.

Danyl Johnson

Reigned it in a little, so less cocky than last week and in the auditions. Really can’t be faulted for the performance, most assured of the night by far. Surely in it until the end.

Lloyd Daniels

The song didn’t suit his style, and his style is boring and forgettable. Sings like an automaton, with no feeling projected into the lyrics. It’s pointless him being on the show.

John & Edward

As Simon Cowell said, the worst performance on The X Factor of all time. Absolutely laughable. They can’t sing, they look terrible, and for twins they seem to have very little connection on stage.

Rikki Loney

Started off-key and stayed there throughout. Hit the high note towards the end well but not enough to save him from a disastrous performance. Looked very uncomfortable on stage and deserved to go.

Jamie Archer

Took a gamble with the song choice and pulled it off spectacularly. Still suits rock music better but showed he’s diverse. In it to the end alongside Danyl unless he majorly messes up.

Stacey Solomon

Not as annoying as last week but I still don’t love her the way everyone seems to. Too quiet when singing, too loud when speaking afterwards. Made a few mess-ups and not a good choice to close the show.

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