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Brit Music Scene

Sting Slams The X Factor And Its Celebrity Judges

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 11:07 AM PST

As much as I enjoy watching The X Factor, I have to admit that once the show is over I really don’t care about the contestants. There has been the odd exception to this rule such as Leona Lewis. And JLS aren’t bad at what they do. But otherwise it’s a TV show and not a boon to the British music scene.

Sting The Police

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I cover The X Factor every week but once someone has been voted off they usually disappear into obscurity. Apart from Alexandra Burke and JLS, no one from last year’s show has really done anything of note.

I’m not the only person to feel this way either, with Sting expressing his views on the show and the judges who give their “expert” opinions. He told NME:

“I was looking at televised karaoke where they conform to stereotype. They are not encouraged to create any real unique signature or fingerprint. ‘The X Factor’ is a preposterous show and you have judges, who have no recognizable talent apart from self-promotion, advising them what to wear and how to look. It is appalling.”

“The real shop floor for musical talent is pubs and clubs. That is where the original work is. But they are being closed down on a daily basis. It is impossible to put an act on in a pub. It has become too expensive through excessive regulations. The music industry has been hugely important to England, bringing in millions. If anyone thinks ‘The X Factor’ is going to do that, they are wrong.”

I must admit I find the idea of Dannii Minogue advising people how to sing is laughable. Even Cheryl Cole isn’t the greatest vocalist to be giving tips. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh do know what they’re talking about but Walsh’s devotion to Jedward and Cowell’s decision last week to go to deadlock make me doubt their credentials.

The X Factor is good for creating clones of existing pop stars but is terrible for allowing original talent to blossom.

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