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popwreckoning updates

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Win the Nirvana Catalog

Posted: 14 Nov 2009 11:45 AM PST

From the band that made grunge cool, we bring you the entire catalog. Relive behind the drums before . Ride along the bass lines of Krist Novoselic. Lose yourself in ’s vocals and lyrics. 1960
We’re giving away: Nevermind, Unplugged, Greatest Hits, In Utero, Incesticide, From The Muddy Bands of the Wishkah, and Live At Reading

Live At Reading was recently issued in a limited edition CD+DVD Deluxe Edition as well as DVD-only, CD-only configurations on November 3, 2009, the 2LP version is available November 17, 2009.

To win the catalog, simply answer the following question correctly and we’ll pick a winner from the correct answers on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 12 p.m. CDT.

Cobain and Novoselic met hanging around what band and their practice space?

And be sure to check out this trailer for the band’s 1992 Live at Reeding performance:

: website

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One Republic – Wake Up

Posted: 14 Nov 2009 10:47 AM PST

It's very hard to try and put a genre label on One Republic. They utilize almost every type of music, from R&B to alternative rock to even some reggae influences. Most people try and compare them to fellow "piano-rockers" The Fray, but that's just it: the only similarity linking the two bands is the piano element. So the question remains on how to classify One Republic and if that's even possible. Their display of a soulful, R&B edge mixed with a melodic rock premise distinguishes them from any other band in the music industry today. They continue to illustrate that distinction even more blatantly on their much-anticipated 2nd full length release Waking Up. onerepublic

As a follow up to their extremely successful debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, Waking Up is an album carefully comprised of 11 songs that individually have a completely different, unique sound and feel than the one preceding it. The rhythmically-charged album begins with "Made for You," a haunting melody that transitions into a soulful chorus and starts the album off strongly. It is followed by their first single "All the Right Moves," which is destined to be an instant hit due to the numerous hooks that are filled with a mix of strings and strong drums. This effectively eerie combination is very reminiscent of 's Absence album's tone and feel. A few songs later listener is hit with "Everybody Loves Me," a Beck-like album staple that is in a direct contrast to any other One Republic song on either album. It may sound strange to compare One Republic to Beck, but it strangely works.

Waking Up peaks with what has become my personal favorite song on the album, "Good Life." It is full of rhythmically perfect beats and feel-good harmonies that have a hint of an African tribal flair. It's the song on the album that will probably not become a single, but will be an instant fan favorite. (It was on repeat on my shuffle for two days straight.) Next up, the -esque title track "Waking Up" could almost be considered a 2-part song. Three minutes of the song is a fist-pumping section full of effective chanting and lead singer Ryan Tedder's -inspired voice. In a stark contrast, the 2nd half of the song moves into a solely instrumental piece with a heart-wrenching melody provided by an immaculate combination of strings and piano, immediately making the listener stop and take notice. One Republic hasn't entirely dismissed their catchy, melodic Dreaming Out Loud roots, as is displayed with Tedder's enchanting piano playing on tracks "Fear" and "All This Time." The album is wrapped up with a song entitled "Lullaby." It is an appropriate mellow counterpart and conclusion to an otherwise energetic album. It is slowed down to a relaxed pace and enters an almost trance-like state with soft guitars, Tedder's pure voice, and gospel-like harmonies.

Looking back over the past 45 minutes makes one realize that an album that has combined elements of , Beck and (and doesn't turn out to be a disaster) can rightfully be considered successfully unique. Dreaming Out Loud was full of effective, but safe melodies and textbook undertones, but they definitely take the edginess of their band to a whole new level on Waking Up. With an album dominated by intense drums, clean harmonies, and daring beats, the band has stepped out of their comfort zone and has further created a genre of their own. They could have written a radio-friendly, similar sounding album to Dreaming Out Loud, but they chose to try out a new sound that allowed them to grow and evolve into a new, fearless bad that is taking all the right chances.

Waking Up is a brave album that will earn the band respect from old and new fans alike.

It is streaming on MySpace now and is physically available Nov. 17.

Track Listing:
01. Made For You
02. All The Right Moves
03. Secrets
04. Everybody Loves Me
05. Missing Persons 1 & 2
06. Good Life
07. All This Time
08. Fear
09. Waking Up
10. Marchin On
11. Lullaby

One Republic: website | myspace

Written by: Sarah Hassan

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